30WOD Day 39 / 30 Workouts – Do What You Hate

OHS I WILLIn a kind of weird anti-celebration I decided that for my final day of WODs I would do something that I have avoided the whole 39 days. I read an article the other day entitled “How To Suck At Crossfit” and one of the things that I feel must be very common was the notion of cherry picking workouts, or intentionally not going to the box on the days when you see there is a workout that you don’t like. I just googled the article and now find that it was probably plagiarised by someone. The basics are this:

1. Train for a marathon.
2. Cherry-pick your workouts.
3. Under-eat/don’t fuel properly.
4. Don’t give yourself time to recover.
5. Take your lifts personally.
6. Compare yourself to everyone else.

These are all things that I talk to my girls about at gymnastics and I have to say that I am guilty of a whole slew of these with the obvious exception of the marathon because I am not a COMPLETE IDIOT. The whole marathon as a goal for people on weightloss journeys is a whole other topic that makes me angry but that is an aside.

The point here is that I did, to a very small extent, avoid doing some of the things I didn’t want to this 30 workouts. I did not skip the Double Unders even though at the start I had never done more than 1 DU in a row and now I can chalk up 3 in a row to my name. Other than DU’s there were 2 other things that I would never do. Front Squats and Overhead Squats. Maybe it’s just how my shoulders and upper torso are built or currently function but I find the FS very very difficult, my arms are big enough that they interfere with my rack position (although I did read an article on how this is avoidable recently) and for OHS my shoulder and back flexibility are prohibitive. In fact, until today I had NEVER successfully done any OHS with my Olympic bar, it just didn’t feel possible. Whenever I tried, I would lose my balance, I would tip forware due to my lack of shoulder flexibility and I would not be able to go more than a couple of inches down (no joke!).

So, like I said, as a celebration for completing 30 WODs I thought I would finally train the things that I hate the most. So I took all the weight off the bar, and proceeded to do FS and OHS, 3 then 5 then 7 reps in groups of 5. By the end I had done 75 reps of each and at one point I had actually almost been able to get down to parallel with the OHS. The FS was not too bad, once my wrists were warm and flexible but the bar was not heavy enough to push down onto my deltoids. That is an easy fix, I can’t FS 135 yet but I bet if I put 95lbs up I would have that resting in rack just fine. I know that when I clean with any weight I do get a proper rack position, just that I can’t prevent myself from tipping when I squat. That tipping is fixed by better lower torso flexibility that enables you to get the weight over your heels even when you are in front with the bar. As I got warmer, the FS got a lot easier. As for the OHS, knowing a big part of the trick is the hand width I was still getting very painful cramping up my mid back from the arch that was developing under the strain. As my shoulder flexibility improved it was easier but even with the bar far behind me, I could feel that my lack of arch was really hindering me. That is the good news though since I now know that if I can work on that arch a little and get my mid back to move some, I should get better. I am not really sure what would happen with 95lbs up there, but since I can power snatch at least that much I know I can practice.

So there you have it, 30 WODs in 39 days. What is next I haven’t quite decided since I did the T25 Speed 1.0 workout with Shaun T the other day as my cardio workout and remembered how much I need that kind of work in my life. My last post addressed what I think I should do, and I think it’s appropriate that I don’t abandon the WODs.

30WOD Day 36 – Biggest Loser @ Work Starts – The Plan

ArnoldworkMy limp to the finish line looked a bit like this with some running (not a great day) and some arms (Lacking in the Crossfit world). I am workout number 28 today and I will review the whole thing this weekend.

Friday, 09/05/2014 24 Running hills 25 minutes – felt like hell
Saturday, 09/06/2014 25 Bench press 215 reps at 155lbs
Sunday, 09/07/2014 26 Hang cleans and pullups @135
Monday, 09/08/2014 26 off
Tuesday, 09/09/2014 27 Biceps and Triceps Day dips n curls 100 reps each alt

It’s been a long and weird summer. I thought when I started my summer workout planning that I was going to try and go for some weight loss, get back to 230 where I was before my second back surgery. Then I got caught up with Body Beast and was lured by my addiction to the pump back into thinking that size matters above all. It’s not that I have been unhealthy but I do know that subconsciously I have been piling on the weight both on my frame and on the bar and kind of enjoying being a bit of a monster again. But it’s time for that to end, I am ungainly, my pants don’t fit any more and lumbering around in the gym coaching gymnastics I am frightening the small children. The all too famous R12 was supposed to cover me off for the summer and give me an HIIT workout pattern to make sure I stayed in cardio shape as well as including my Olympic lifts. I am not exactly sure where it went so pear shaped but I do know that by August I seem to have wandered severely off track. I think the problem is that having a framework is great, but if you are trying to coach yourself then you really need to nail down day by day what the workout will be so that you don’t have any decisions to make on the day that will be exposed to mood swings, apathy, laziness etc. That’s the secret to P90X etc, a daily no exceptions rule that you just do it. That’s why when you compare June and July with August it’s night and day, at least during the 30WOD workouts I was able to just do as I was told and if not, I always had a craving for something. Yesterday for example I wanted and really felt like I needed a good biceps and triceps workout. There are ring dips in Crossfit but try and find an isolated bicep workout… So I was happy to do arms like I used to do with Tony only heavier and faster.

Which brings me to what will happen after 30WOD is over. 60WOD? I did think about that, but I am finding that the workouts occasionally are short and my brain, after doing what it was told to do is very, and I mean VERY resistant to add more stuff. What I should do is take the 30 workouts, pick the 10 I liked best and worked best for me and add them to some pure Cardio (probably Insanity) 2 days a cycle. Weeks are becoming less and less relevant at this point and my workouts I think I will cut into blocks rather than adhere to a 7 day regimen. For example if I am planning to do 8-% workout density then maybe I need to work on an 8 day sched, 4 days on 1 off x2. My only glaring habit seems to be taking Fridays off and with coaching the cardio days can easily be T25 instead of full Insanity. I am just thinking here, don’t hold me to this. But, thinking about it with a 4 day split which is relatively normal in the workout world I would require the following:

1 Cardio Day
2 Heavy Days
1 Light Day (high reps or yoga type day once very 10 days)

The only issue I would run into would be potentially not doing the right body part splits however since most of the things I do are full body that is less relevant and if I make sure that I balance my efforts I would be able to do WODs I like and Oly lifts I want without sacrificing anything. My split would potentially look like this:

1. Heavy Oly
2. WOD
3. Cardio
4. WOD / Light Day
5. Off
6. Heavy Oly
7. WOD
8. Cardio
9. Light Oly / WOD
10 Off

What has initiated this? Well, not only is it the Biggest Loser at work starting but my weight when I got on the scale at work was scary. 274lbs. That is a full 40lbs over where I would like to be and while there is probably a good 8lbs of clothes, extra water etc for Day 1 in there, it’s still pretty bad.

So this time there will be weekly pictures, a daily regimen to follow and in 3 months a win for me! What is my goal? I want to be back under 235 lbs by end of year. There, I said it. 3 months roughly 39lbs is 13lbs a month or 3.25lbs a week. Totally doable given my current bloaty self. All it takes is a little hard work, right?

30WOD Day 28 – PRs, Mix Ups and Finally Hotshots 19.

MEME-One-of-the-greatest-momentsI finally did the thruster workout but if I am honest towards the end there it took a turn into front squats and presses but you do what you can, right? I took a day to see what my PR would look like for DL and cleans. I had previously cleaned 185 but the heaviest DL I ever did was a paltry 200lbs. I didn’t fare that much better however I was working up to weight and did multiple reps for my DLs. The final weights were:
DL 235 for reps
Clean 185 for reps
Power snatch 155 for reps
I am pretty sure that I can push that DL up to around 275 if I try, it’s just a case of getting all the gear together to try. Once I move the gym from the garage back to the basement I will have a lot more weight at my immediate disposal and I will try to hit 275 and then 300 by end of year. 300 is a bit intimidating but then again I used to think that about my 300lb bench too…

After the PR workout I was mixed up with where I was so I did the Hotshots 19 with a modification so that it looked like this:

6 rounds of:
30 squats
15 power cleans
7 pullups

That was not pleasant but I finished, but I have to admit it took everything I had not to stop at 4 rounds. It was a tough one. Today I am not too sore but I do have a little tightness running down the left of my back. That could easily be from coaching too… There were other workouts in there too, I think one was DLs with skipping (DUs) and pullups but I really am struggling to remember. 2 more days until the 30 days are up and then a few more days until the 30 workouts are done.


30WOD Day 25 – Beastly

thrustersarecomingSometimes I look at the WOD and think, that’s 12 or 15 minutes, that’a a piece of cake. Today I got that notion slapped out of me.

I took yesterday off in prep for my 2-5 am shift with the firewall last night so I will try yesterdays workout today. However, Ark is closed Sundays which means I have to do today’s workout tomorrow and it will be a beast.

Hotshots 19 (Time)
6 Rounds for time of:
30 Squats
19 Power Cleans, 135# / 95#
7 Strict Pull-ups
400m Run

That’s all I really  have to say. I am glad I have Monday and Tuesday off work! I will report back later after I have done the Thrusters workout from yesterday.

30WOD Day 24 Actually – The Final Week

watermelonsleepySince I started this back on August 6th this will be day 24 of my 30 days of WODs.

I haven’t done 30 workouts, and I will continue until I have, the projection for that is around mid September some time but for now it is looking like I will have done 23 or 24 workouts during the 30 day “challenge”. I will review what I have learned after I have done 30 workouts I think. For now, I have learned that you never forget the workouts you hate, love or love to hate. Such is Chelsea and her twin Cindy both of which are horrid little children. It looks so simple at first, pullups pushups and squats but one round a minute and after 10 rounds you are cursing, 15 rounds you are insanely angry, 17 rounds you are almost dead but the last 2 are always somehow deceptively easy. As a measure of how “unfit” I am since the last time I was doing a lot of bodyweight stuff (you can read that as how out of cardio shape I am) I struggled to 15 rounds last night and with coaching looming and time a small factor I allowed myself to quit. I shouldn’t have, it was really only a 20 minute workout with the warmup and a few doubleunders (not together) at the start. I was shocked at the lack of energy I had. I am not sure if it’s a lack of something in my diet but for some reason I am really lagging in the energy department. It could also be because I have cut back on coffee somewhat and where I would usually be finishing my third of the day before my workouts I am now reduced to 2 in the morning and nothing after about 1pm. I should really be eating more veggies too but I can’t be arsed at the moment to examine my macros and do the whole exact balance thing. I will have some watermelon when I get home, that should fix me right up.

You know, I should have some milk before I work out since it makes me so wiggy before bed time, maybe I can use that as a pre-workout pick me up. Now I know that the pre-workout industry is a massive one and I know some people swear by pre-workout stuff but I was never into that stuff. A coffee maybe but never a protein shake or whatever these people have in their little shaker cups at the gym. I even tried some energy balls that came in a tiny pringles can (not sure if they are still around) but it just never seemed to do anything for me. I remember years ago using ephedrine too but other than keeping my up all night I am not convinced it did anything for me. I tried Hydroxycut too but it just made me shaky and angry and lethargic which is weird.

Today is basically thrusters and double unders so more skipping and more broken toe nails and scarred feet for me.

I think what I will do is 10 squats at 135 or 185 every minute for 10 minutes. That’s already 100 squats and then do 10 rounds of 15 thrusters at 95lbs with 60 skips. I promise I will do a few minutes of DU practice too…

Metcon (Weight)
Take 10min to warm up to a moderately heavy Front Squat 1 rep


10 min EMOM

1 Front Squat

all at the same weight
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10 min AMRAP

15 Thrusters @ 75#/55#
30 DU
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10 min AMRAP

15 Thrusters @ 45#/35#
60 Single Skips

30WOD Day 20 – Cardio Replacement

tumblr_mvwje8hXFr1snhr6eo1_500I realized when I tried to sub my workout yesterday that I was replacing a cardio workout with a weight workout which was not smart. So instead of my planned handstands and stuff I went back to DVD and did a Tapout XT Muay Thai workout. It’s a pretty good cardio workout and if you do it with a heavy bag instead of just on the floor it gets even harder. That was followed this morning by the good news that today’s workout has handstands…

I am somewhere between Rx and Foundation on this one, I can’t actually do HSPU but I can do chest to bar and lunges. My hip is painful again today so I may actually sub the lunges for squats since I know for a fact that lunges will aggravate the hell out of my hips.

After 2 weeks of waiting the treadmill guy finally showed up and surprise surprise we need a new motor. I could have saved them a trip but there you go. 7-10 weeks for a shipment they said. What a load of bullshit I should have said…

At gymnastics it’s the last week of summer training and I need to work on some of the warmups and conditioning that we have been doing. There is too much time being taken with stuff that’s not body shape specific and the splits that we took out a while back need to be put back at the end of the night. It’s also almost time for my little girl to go to big school, JK starts next week so things are going to be a bit busy around here!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

16 min AMRAP

10 C2B Pull-ups
20 Walking Lunges
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

16 min AMRAP

5 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups
20 Walking Lunges

30WOD Day19 – Got Sleep, Got Gas

clean body weightI think it’s the milk again but I have been strangely boated the last few days without much of a change in my diet. I don’t usually drink a ton of milk but recently I have been indulging and I think I may not be tolerating it as well as I once did. I shall buy some lacteeze and see if that helps, or maybe I will just cut the milk for now and see what happens.

Yesterday was a welcome return for cleans and I enjoyed the workout. I didn’t do exactly what I was supposed to but instead did some clean practice to start and then did:

10 rounds

3 Power cleans @135
6 pushups
9 Squats

I thought about trying to get to 15 sets at the start but believe me half way through I was sucking air pretty hard. This getting back into cardio shape is tough! I am really starting to wonder about the wisdom of trying to regain some of my mass this summer, not only had it made me heavier and less able cardio wise but it has also added bulk where I didn’t really need it, on my shoulders and traps. It seemed like a good idea at the time and for an ex powerlifter / bodybuilder TYPE, it’s a hard thing to let go.

Today is something I am not going to be able to tolerate I think. It’s more KB swings and fairly long runs that I am simply not ready for at this point. Historically I have had issues with my shins and even now I get huge shin pain if I am not extremely careful with my running. Given that I will not have a lot of time for today I think I will lean towards a clean free complement of lifts and pullups. Something like this:

Strict Press

With a sprinkling of


So, maybe something like 5 rounds of:

10 deadlifts
5 pullups
3 handstands
10 Squat
5 pullups
3 handstands
10 Press
5 pullups
3 handstands


30WOD Day 19 – I Need Sleep

dontlikecrossfitBut the good news is that it’s cleans today!!

The Chief (AMRAP – Rounds)
Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power Cleans, 135#
6 Push-ups
9 Squats
Rest 1-minute.
Repeat for a total of 5 cycles

I really need to get more sleep, I think that drinking milk at night is causing me to sleep badly, I may have to switch to milk at dinner and water later.

I had to take yesterday off, I just didn’t have time and also my back (presumably from the KB swings) was very sore and I didn’t want to aggravate it.

But YAY for power cleans!!!


30WOD Day 18 – Skipping Days and Workouts

Double-Under-FunnyI seem to have got a bit mixed up with my days again but not to worry the two things I know for sure are that online yesterday was a day off so I did bench and Friday I was short on time before coaching so I took a rest day. On Thursday I wanted to do a little cardio workout, I wasn’t feeling great so I did a short DU practice and skipping workout with some pullups. On Friday I was off like I said but Saturday I had a chance to do the workout I was supposed to do on Thursday and it was a beast.

5 pullups every minute for 10 minutes.

5 rounds of:
20 KB swings with 55lb
80 skips
9 pullups

I have to admit it was a lot harder than I thought , mostly because of the pullups at the start. By the time it came to doing the 9 for each round I was out of pullup gas… I did manage to make it through but it was not the quickest workout ever.

Sunday I went online to find that Sundays the Ark is closed so no workout. I immediately gravitated to my wheelhouse and decided I would do a bench day:

50 x 135
40 x 185
30 x 225
20 x 275

This was not as easy as I remember however I was able to handle the weight, albeit with strenuous effort. 140 reps doesn’t sound like much but once you get past 200lbs there is a lot of work that goes into that bar. Every time I do bench I feel hugely inadequate about my deadlifts. I would think that I should at least be able to match my bench with my DL but then I remember having 2 back surgeries and surprisingly that doesn’t make me feel any better at all…

By the way, my feet hurt like hell and I have found that I hate, and I mean HATE skipping practice.

And then there is today, another running WOD of which I am SOOOOOO fond….

Metcon (No Measure)
5 Rounds

30 sec Hollow Body Hold
30 sec rest
If you fall short of the 30 sec hold then rest the remainder of the 30 sec and then the full 30 sec as well
Metcon (Time)

400m run
12 T2B
There will be a 21 min time cap

30WOD Day 14 – DIY and Fitness. Build your gym.

garage chinup mark 2I felt like there were too many power snatches. I guess because it is a fairly new move for me I was a little disenchanted by having to to them twice in 4 days. Then again, I really need the practice apparently.

Tuesday I was off work and I installed the new chinup bar (Fitness Avenue on sale $14) in the garage as seen on the left. It’s a major upgrade from the existing one, and of course I overlooked one critical piece, it’s right above where I do my Oly lifts so the first time I did an overhead press I banged it with the bar. Not a problem though, I just have to move forward a little with the barbell. It’s solid as a rock and I don’t need a step ladder to get to it like the last one. So on Tuesday I christened it with a pullups and deadlifts workout that was not particularly hard:

10 rounds
5 Chinup
10 DL
10 DU

On Wednesday I was short on time due to coaching but still I managed to pull out Randy, a 75 power snatch for time workout. I then made the mistake of going on the Crossfit Ark site and seeing other times. I was slightly surprised that I was probably double what some of the others were, but then again I think that is what makes Crossfit boxes so successful, you are there in a group to push and help each other. It’s an intangible that makes a big difference. For the record with resting I made the 75 power snatches at 75# in just over 14 minutes. The fastest guy at Ark was 6 minutes… As an aside if I was to try 75 cleans I bet I would be able to almost match that time, but being that my snatching is a very new skill I maybe should not be so hard on myself.

Thankfully when I looked at the workout for today there were no snatches in sight. But also no cleans or presses or pushups.

Looks like I will be doing 5 chins every minute for 10 minutes then 70lb swings, 80 skips (since my DUs suck still) and 9 pullups since muscle ups are still on the list of things to learn.

Strict Chin-up (1-1-1-1-1)
Take 10 min to build to a 1RM weighted Chin-up

If you do not have 1 Chin-up perform 1 negative chin-up every min on the min for 10 min
Metcon (Time)


20 KB Swings @ 32kg/24kg
40 DU
3 MU
Metcon (Time)


20 KB Swings @ 24kg/16kg
80 single skips
9 Pull-ups

How do I feel? Well, a little fitter I suppose. I was complaining for quite a while there about missing HIIT and the “fitness” that it brings so I am happy to report that even with the break for the wedding that I am starting to return to a feeling of ability and fitness. Not quite the mobility that I felt while doing bootcamp, but getting there. It’s been 2 weeks of 30WOD, hopefully by the end I will have regained that agile feeling too…