30WOD Day 28 – PRs, Mix Ups and Finally Hotshots 19.

MEME-One-of-the-greatest-momentsI finally did the thruster workout but if I am honest towards the end there it took a turn into front squats and presses but you do what you can, right? I took a day to see what my PR would look like for DL and cleans. I had previously cleaned 185 but the heaviest DL I ever did was a paltry 200lbs. I didn’t fare that much better however I was working up to weight and did multiple reps for my DLs. The final weights were:
DL 235 for reps
Clean 185 for reps
Power snatch 155 for reps
I am pretty sure that I can push that DL up to around 275 if I try, it’s just a case of getting all the gear together to try. Once I move the gym from the garage back to the basement I will have a lot more weight at my immediate disposal and I will try to hit 275 and then 300 by end of year. 300 is a bit intimidating but then again I used to think that about my 300lb bench too…

After the PR workout I was mixed up with where I was so I did the Hotshots 19 with a modification so that it looked like this:

6 rounds of:
30 squats
15 power cleans
7 pullups

That was not pleasant but I finished, but I have to admit it took everything I had not to stop at 4 rounds. It was a tough one. Today I am not too sore but I do have a little tightness running down the left of my back. That could easily be from coaching too… There were other workouts in there too, I think one was DLs with skipping (DUs) and pullups but I really am struggling to remember. 2 more days until the 30 days are up and then a few more days until the 30 workouts are done.


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