Surgery again…

So I am a week away from another surgery, this time it is my left hip that has been bothering me for a couple of years now. I am at the point where I am constantly limping and the pain is extreme at times. I wasn’t so great at my recovery recording so this time I will try to do better. I cannot wait to have the surgery, it is odd being limited with what I can do going in, with my back surgeries it was usually that I was reacting to an episode and by the time the surgery came around I was pretty normal. My shoulder was not the same, I was limited in what I could do, there was some pain but I was still in the gym regularly. I went in expecting a flawless recovery as with my back but the whole process was very slow and very painful. That said, I was back coaching after 6 days and I don’t recall being away from the gym for long. It was 2 years before my ROM was back to normal with my strength but I was pretty good with my physio exercises and was determined to be better than I was before. At this point, my shoulder is much stronger than my other one and has complete mobility that I had before.

I guess the overriding factor here is the pain, I am so tired of being in pain all the time and having to take painkillers every time I coach. Fortunate I suppose that my level 10 girl is also hurt so I don’t have to do any major spotting at the moment, we will find out the extent of her thumb injury some time in the coming month and it honestly could go either way.. retirement or recovery then competition.

On an unrelated note I have been wearing a heart monitor for 2 weeks, of course my heart has been on it’s best behaviour so nothing to report. Back in May I had an AFIB episode that lasted 86 hours. Right up until within 2 minutes of the nurse giving me a shot to slow my heart at which time it stopped (I was on the gurney in the hospital at the time). Talk about weird timing. So anyway I stopped drinking coffee and my apple watch has reminded me that my resting heart rate and my walking heart rate are both significantly down since I quit. I may resume after my surgery but in the end I don’t really need such a tax on my system .

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