P90X2 Reviews – All The Info You Need

I am often trying to locate my reviews for P90X2 and since they are really the only reviews I did I decided I would link them here in one place. They are not so much my personal feelings about the workouts but rather listing of the moves so that you can decide more easily which one will fit best with your schedule especially if you are cherry picking like I am at the moment.

So here are the links, and for reference the length of the DVD.

X2 Core 56 minutes
X2 Plyocide 56 minutes
X2 Recovery + Mobility 58 minutes
X2 Total Body 63 minutes
X2 Yoga 68 minutes
X2 Balance + Power 63 minutes
Chest + Back + Balance 60 minutes
X2 Shoulders + Arms 53 minutes
Base+ Back 56 minutes
P.A.P. Lower 62 minutes
P.A.P. Upper 53 minutes
X2 Ab Ripper 17 minutes

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