P90X2 – X2 Ab Ripper Review

I haven’t had the pleasure yet, but all of these moves I have done before with Insanity, P90X, Asylum or in my own bootcamp class so I can’t imagine it will be technically challenging. It’s a really great variety of movements though. It doesn’t have the intensity of the Ab Ripper, it seems more user friendly but honestly the  thing I liked about Ab Ripper was Tony getting all wound up about it!

Scissor Twist – 20 – Laying scissors touching opposite foot
Row Your Boat – 20 – Like Crunchy frog but with rowing motion not fly
Superman Banana X – 20 – superman banana in X position
Oblique Roll Crunch – 20 – Same as side crunches but switch sides each rep
Roll V Hold – 20 – V sit then grab hamstrings, roll back, roll up to V sit hold
Abrinome – 10 – Rainbow legs. Lay with legs up 90 degrees, wipe from side to side like windshield wipers or a rainbow
Gate Bridge Lift – 10 – Just simple leg lift with straddle at bottom
Phelon Twist – 10 – Sit with legs straight and together, fold arms across belly and lean back to 45 degrees and twist. Hold twist position then twist opposite way and hold
Scissor Clapper – 30 – V Sit scissors with clap under each leg as you switch
Tornado – 20 – Laying position with feet straight up at 90 degrees, circle feet with straight legs
Balance Bike Crunch – 20 – bicycles alternating knee to elbows but in v sit position. Modified move is just laying bicycle switch.

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