R9D1 – P90X2 – X2 Core Review

Round 9 is here. To help you along, here is a full review / workout listing of what is in the P90X2 DVD set.

Round 8 was a pretty successful program I think, with 66 workouts in 94 days, that’s almost exactly 5 days a week average.

Not even 3 minutes in to the workout and he’s already said “but-tocks” in his Forrest Gump voice… seriously, it’s been how many years and he’s still doing that?

X2 Core seems like a gentle start to P90X2 with a section completely devoted to using foam rollers up and down your body to get rid of your tight points, muscle knots and smooth out those bound up joints. Then a short stretch of your legs to get ready for the workout.

The actual workout looks like this:


Stability ball work
twists, squats, side bends, lunge back, shelf stockers.

Foam Rolling – Myofascial release using the foam roller
This is a great section to do daily and even better to go into more detail with when you have tight spots or knots.
Roller Sphinx
Worlds Greatest stretch (runners stretch with a double twist) alternating legs with brief hold each count.
Inch Worm – from standing, hands on floor, walk out to plank and back
Scorpion – Laying face down arms out 90 degrees, bend knee bring your foot up to your butt and lift away from the floor. Gently twist the leg to the opposite side of the body but don’t go too far!
Groiners – runners stretch foot switch



Sphinx Plank Crunch – touch each elbow with your knee while in Sphinx
Warrior 3 Cross Crunch – Warrior 3 pose to standing one knee to elbow cross
Single Leg Walk Out To Sphinx – Just like it sounds, stand on one leg, go down to hands and walk out to sphinx
Half  Angel – Side elbow stand, raise leg up and raise arm above your head
Roller Boat – Start in V Snap position, grab knees and roll back to shoulders. V Snap is a held position.
3 Speed Med Ball Pushup – Put med ball under your face, do a pushup and tap fingers on ball at top position. It’s like doing clapping pushups but with a med ball in the way.
1 Leg Lateral Leap Squat – It’s a single leg squat with a sideways leap inbetween. Touch the outside foot with the inside hand.
Core Circles – On stability ball in sphinx position just roll the ball clockwise then anti-clockwise.
Holmsen Screamer Lunge – Just like Insanity, it’s a lunge position then kick the knee through to a hop
Med Ball Dreya Roll – Didn’t think you were going to escape the weird obsession with Dreya did you? It’ s just a Dreya Roll with a med ball at your chest that you press overhead during the jump.
Plank Burpee On Stability Ball –  Keep the stability ball in your hand, do burpee but only on 1 foot then switch.
Banana Ball Switch Crunch – Same abs movement you have seen for years, pass the ball from hands to feet staying in banana.
3 Point Squat Press With Med Ball –  Squats extending ball overhead to left, then middle then right.
Slo Mo Balance Climber – Stability ball in sphinx – bring knee to same elbow. Just like spiderman that I do with kids but on ball.
X2 Diver – Wide foot standing to pushup, explode up and clap overhead. It’s a little like an insanity move for triceps where you push back to your feet.
Ryan Sphinx Twist Crunch – From side sphinx touch your hand and foot at hip level then reach hand all way under body and back.
1 Leg Med Ball Burpee – Just like it sounds, a burpee on one leg with med ball extended overhead.
Cool Down – there is an extended cool down with the use of the stability ball to get extended range and keep working that stability!

They probably should have called this thing X2 Sphinx since that seems to be the position of the day! It’s a good mix of balance, agility and strength using bodyweight and I think it’s a perfect way to introduce P90X2. I just hope the rest of the workouts are as well thought out and balanced.


3 thoughts on “R9D1 – P90X2 – X2 Core Review”

  1. I don’t start P90X2 until January but I watched this video today and then I tried to do some of the moves that I thought looked tough. How the hell do you do burpees on a medicine ball with one leg? I kept falling over…

  2. It’s all about the practice! I remember thinking that Insanity was impossible, or that corn cob pullups were impossible, but now those things seem kinda easy. It doesn’t take long, good luck!

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