R8D66 – Bootcamp2.2 – P90X2 ARRIVED!!!!

Bootcamp was a good class last night, the weights area still not completed so we were on the floor with dumbbells and I think most of the participants are getting a sense of how much stronger they are getting now. The workout was simple:

Strength – burn holds – flex for 5 release for 1 repeat 5x increase weight repeat

To Burn:
90 degree bicep hold
side fly hold
front fly hold
laying tri ext 90 degree hold

WOD – 10 reps 3 sets

Wallball shots
double curls

double swimmers press
box dips with lap weight

double press with simulated chest fly
high pull

laying fly
laying pullover

But obviously the big news is that P90X2 arrived on my doorstep last night. The package is pretty click, just like most Beachbody products are, there’s a nutrition book, a big manual that outlines the workouts and the science behind the system and of course a little black book of DVDs. My diet is set, so I am really just in this for the workouts, and since I tend to do a lot of thinking and tinkering with my own bootcamp class I am hoping to both validate what I do and also pick up some more great moves for class. Today is something called X2Core which sounds like it works on your foundation strength, tying your core strength to your other bodypart movements. I will try and write a review of each workout as I do it this time and give my opinion. I just hope that it’s not a let down like I found Asylum to be. The funny thing is that in the manual they give you an optional workout schedule not with Insanity but with Insanity Asylum… Interesting…

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