Forget What You Believe. Find Out What You Need To Know. Then Change (Now With Links!).

Comrade, I Have New Hero. His Name, Pavel Tsatsouline.

pavelETKI picked up a kettlebell and it may turn out to be the best thing I have done in years. Well, that and going Paleo along with my discovery of High Intensity Training. You can’t help but love Pavel, and you can check out a review of his Enter The Kettlebell here.

It’s tricky trying to accept things that we believed to be unalterably true. Sometimes it’s almost impossible especially when you have spent half your life telling other people the wrong thing. But we are all here to learn, to adjust and to judge what is the best for us.

As Pavel says, “If you don’t have good judgement, why don’t you stay on the machines you big sissy?”

Eating 5 or 6 smaller meals is physiologically better. Not true. It may help you to snack less since you have no time to do it, but it’s not based on scientific evidence. It may help with digestion, something which I am sensitive to but as long as the caloric amount is the same, the time doesn’t matter.

Spending time on cardio machines is hurting you, not helping you. That’s because the calories burned vs time spent is pitiful and it’s making you hungry so you overeat. Try higher intensity, shorter duration instead such as Crossfit inspired Olympic Lift workouts.

Want 10 reasons why that elliptical 30, 45 or 60 minutes is no use? Here you go.

How about the myth of skipping meals slowing your metabolism? More bull. Just check out any writing about IF (intermittent fasting) to find out why skipping meals can be good for you once you get the refined carbs out of your life.

BMI? Bullshit Medical Information. I know this being a muscular dude, but it’s true for everyone.

Let’s not forget the overwhelming evidence that carbohydrate not fat is the reason for the obesity epidemic. There is too much info to list here but authors like Gary Taubes, Mark Sisson and good link pages like this are a great place to start. Any information on the Paleo movement will help, as may reading the free version of “The Vegetarian Myth” over at Amazon.

You can also go to Whole 9, paleohacks (for great tips and general info from Paleo people) or The Paleo Diet.

Sadly, starting here may lead you on a journey that makes you uncomfortable, frustrated and confused. Keep at it, and slowly but surely you will come to see the new truth about fitness… The so called experts don’t always know what they are talking about but the truth is out there.

Eat bacon!

4 thoughts on “Forget What You Believe. Find Out What You Need To Know. Then Change (Now With Links!).”

  1. Our family has been doing Paleo (actually, something closer to Mark Sisson’s Primal, cheese is glorious) for several months and I am toying with doing P90X. I’ve done the gym thing before, but not while doing Paleo, so I’ve always consumed a post workout high-carb and protein Recovery drink. Did you have anything after your P90X workouts once you went Paleo? Did the fatigue finally go away? I have a tendency to overthink and overplan, so any input would be appreciated.

  2. I find that my energy is always constant on paleo which for me in the beginning was tough. I was used to being UP for my workouts then crashing later. You need to know that the best time for eating the recovery food such as starch is after the workout so go ahead and recover with food not a drink. Also, drinking coconut water is better than any sports drink if you have hydration issues. For me personally, after my workouts I have some fruit and maybe some starch if I have yams laying around. I find I don’t need a big recovery meal or intake after, I just don’t feel like it. Set yourself up for success, make yourself some yam fries and do chest and back and see how you feel. You will never know until you try. Like I always say “Something Beats Nothing Every Time!” so get out there and start doing it and see what happens. GOOD LUCK!!

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