So we went to England for Christmas (see how I ignored my 2 year silence) and upon our return I started with a dry cough. Well, it has been 5 weeks now and they can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. I was given a course of antibiotics that did nothing. They gave me puffers that also did nothing so today I went back to the walk in for the third time and the guy gave me a dose of dexamethasone which he says should last me 6 months. He did however say that it is not pneumonia but he is not sure what it is. Could be a new flu or something but he hopes this does of 3 tiny pills will fix everything. Nicole has pretty much the same thing but Elyse seems fine so far. Being old sucks.

Of course the vacation was fantastic, so great to see my family and old friends however we managed to pick up an addiction to #WILTY which fortunately we have here in Canada on Prime. The irony of me being the least healthy person in the room on our return never sits well with me however whatever this thing is that I have it makes my breathing almost unbearable, I have no energy or appetite but I still have to push through working. I cough so hard I actually vomit which I never believed was a thing until now. This also means no workouts for the time being as I try not to tax myself too hard. I wanted to make a note of this because in the long term it may be good to know what I had.

As for the business our rent went up 70% in December which is going to put a lot of pressure on us going forward. It means bigger classes so advertising will have to be a thing to do from now on. Other than poor health and no money things are going great!!!

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