P90X Workouts – What’s In There?

Phase 1 Workouts

Chest and Back – Repeat entire sequence twice.

Standard Push Ups
Wide Front Pull Ups
Military Push Ups
Reverse Grip Chin Ups
Wide Fly Push Ups
Closed Grip Overhand Pull Ups
Decline Push Ups
Heavy Pants
Diamond Push Ups
Dive Bomber Push Ups
Back Flys


Jump Squats for 30 seconds – Squat and leave the ground after each rep.
Run Stance Squats for 30 seconds – Start in a running stance, squat four times then jump 180* into 4 more.
Airborne Heismans for 30 seconds – Simply put, it’s a knee lift with a pause each side.
Swing Kicks for 60 seconds – Alternate lifting each leg up and over something hip height.
Squat Reach Jumps for 30 seconds – Squat and leave ground, unlike jump squats you have to touch the ground and the ceiling (if you can) each time.
Run Stance Squat Switch Pick Ups for 30 seconds – Squat and jump 180* touching lead foot each time.
Double Airborne Heismans for 30 seconds – Three steps to the side, pausing with knee up on last count.
Circle Run for 60 seconds – Run around a spot on the floor facing front.
Jump Knee Tucks for 30 seconds – Just tuck jumps.
Mary Katherine Lunges for 30 seconds – Simple jump from left to right lunge.
Leapfrog Squats for 30 seconds – Jumping forwards and back in deep squat.
Twist Combos for 60 seconds – Quarter turn jumps side, front, other side and back.
Rock Star Hops for 30 seconds – reminds me more of ski jumping.
Gap Jumps for 30 seconds – Jump over imaginary stream, leading with opposite leg each time.
Squat Jacks for 30 seconds – Jumping jacks in squat position.
Military Marches for 60 seconds – Basic leg lift march with excessive arm movement.
Run Squat 180 Jump Switches for 30 seconds – Squat jump 180* touching opposite foot each time.
Lateral Leapfrog Squats – Leapfrog squats again, sideways this time
Monster Truck Tire Jumps for 30 seconds – Tire run. Everyone knows this.
Hot Foot Jumps for 60 seconds – Hopping. I skip this one, my ankles no likey.
Sports Extra at the end of the workout, just for fun.
Pitch & Catch for 60 seconds – pretend to be throwing a baseball, doesn’t work with cricket bowling.
Jump Shots for 60 seconds – Shoot basketballs.
Football Hero for 60 seconds – Tires plus a backwards sprint for 8 counts

Shoulders and Arms

Part 1
Alternating Shoulder Presses
In & Out Bicep Curls
Two Arm Tricep Kickbacks

Part 2
Deep Swimmer’s Presses (curl plus press)
Full Supination Concentration Curls
Chair Dips

Part 3
Static Arm Curls
Flip-Grip Twist Triceps Kickbacks

part 4
Seated Two-Angle Shoulder Flys
Crouching Cohen Curls
Lying-Down Triceps Extensions

part 5 – Bonus!
In & Out Straight-Arm Shoulder Flys
Congdon Curls
Side Tri-Raises

Yoga X

(Thanks to Fitbomb for this list)

Here’s the list of moves in this 90-minute program, some of which are performed dozens of times:

  • Runner’s Pose
  • Crescent Pose
  • Warrior One
  • Warrior Two
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Triangle Pose
  • Twisting Triangle Pose
  • Chair to Twisting Chair (Prayer Twist)
  • Right-Angle Pose to Extended Right-Angle Pose & Grab
  • Prayer Twist from Runner’s Pose to Side Arm Balance
  • Warrior Three to Standing Splits
  • Half Moon to Twisting Half Moon
  • Tree
  • Royal Dancer
  • Standing Leg Extension
  • Crane
  • Seated Spinal Stretch
  • Cat Stretch
  • Frog
  • Bridge / Wheel
  • Plough into Shoulder Stand with Leg Variations into Plough
  • Table
  • Cobbler Pose
  • One-Legged Hamstring Stretch into Two-Legged Hamstring Stretch
  • Touch the Sky
  • Boat
  • Half Boat
  • Scissor
  • Torso Twist Hold
  • Deep Torso Twist Hold
  • Side Twist
  • Glute Stretch
  • Happy Baby
  • Child’s Pose
  • Shavasana (Corpse Pose)
  • Fetal Pose
  • Lotus

As I noted in my first post about Yoga X, I felt like a Hippo playing twister. It’s by far the biggest challenge of P90X simply due to the length at 90 minutes.

Legs and Back

Balance Lunges
Calf-Raise Squats
Reverse Grip Chin-Ups
Super Skaters
Wall Squats
Wide Front Pull-Ups
Step Back Lunges
Alternating Side Lunges
Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups
Single-Leg Wall Squats
Deadlift Squats
Switch Grip Pull-Ups
Ballistic Stretches
Three-Way Lunges with Two-Kick Option
Sneaky Lunges
Reverse Grip Chin-Ups
Chair Salutations
Toe-Roll Iso Lunges
Wide Front Pull-Ups
Groucho Walks
Calf Raises
Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups
80/20 Siebers-Speed Squats
Switch Grip Pull-Ups

Kenpo X

Another workout that takes some stick from the public. It’s an hour of punching and kicking combinations that is fun at least the first few times you do it.

Upper Body Movements

Low Punches
Inward/Outward Blocks
High/Low Blocks
Star Blocks
Vertical Punches

Lower Body Movements

Knee Kicks
Ball Kicks
Side Kicks
Back Kicks
3-Direction Kicks

Stretch X

Whatever. It’s 40 something minutes of stretching. Your time may be better spent doing some flexibility stretching since this is not at that level. It’s a very gentle cool down type workout for day 7 but won’t help your flexibility any.

Ab Ripper X

In & Outs (25 reps). Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet off the ground. Raise your arms straight overhead. Bring your knees in towards your chest. Straighten your legs back out and repeat movement.

Seated Bicycles (25 reps forward, 25 reps backward). Starting in the same position as In & Out, pedal your feet as if you were riding a bike, and keep them from touching the floor. Each revolution counts as one rep.

Seated Crunchy Frogs (25 reps). Similar to In & Outs, but start with your hands stretched out to the sides and parallel to the floor. Each time your knees come in towards your chest, bring your arms in around your knees.

Crossed Leg / Wide Leg Sit-Ups (25 reps). Lie down with your feet crossed or legs wide. Place a hand behind your head and bring your torso up to perform a standard sit-up, but reach the other arm out to touch the opposite foot. Alternate arms for each rep.

Fifer Scissors (25 reps). Lie down. Extend one leg up towards the ceiling and keep the other leg a few inches off the floor. Both legs must stay straight, with both feet flexed. Alternate legs in a scissor motion with a 3-count hold for each rep.

Hip Rock & Raise (25 reps). While on your back, bend your legs so that the bottoms of both feet are touching. Push your hips and pelvis up, driving your feet up towards the ceiling at a 90 degree angle to your body. Legs should not touch the ground during this exercise.

Pulse-Ups (25 reps). Same as Hip Rock & Raise, but keep your legs straight and feet flexed when driving up towards the ceiling.

Roll-Up / V-Ups (25 reps). Lie down with your legs straight out and arms extended straight towards the ceiling. Do a standard sit-up from this position, touching your toes with your hands. On the way back down, raise your legs up off the ground at a 45 degree angle, and do another sit-up while keeping your legs in the air. Repeat.

Oblique V-Ups (25 reps on each side). Lie on your side with your legs at a 30-degree angle and your “top” arm bent, resting your hand behind your head. Lift up your legs and torso at the same time, driving your bent elbow towards your lifted leg. Legs and shoulders must stay off the floor once you begin.

Leg Climbs (25 reps). Lie down with one leg bent (foot on floor) and the other leg extended straight out at a 45 degree angle. “Climb” your straight leg with alternating hands. Repeat on the other side.

Mason Twists (40 reps). Starting in the seated In & Out position, clasp your hands together, keeping your feet off the floor at all times. Twist your upper torso from side to side, touching the floor on each side with your fists.

Core Synergistics

Stacked Foot/Staggered Hands Push-up
Banana Roll
Leaning Crescent Lunges
Squat Run
Sphinx Push-up
Bow to Boat
Low Lateral Skaters
Lunge & Reach
Prison Cell Push-up
Side Hip Raise
Squat X-Press
Plank to Chaturanga
Walking Push-up
Superman Banana
Lunge Tricep Curl Press
Towel Hoppers
Reach High & Under Push-ups
Steam Engine
Dreya Roll
Plank to Chaturanga Iso
Halfback (Football Hero from Plyo)
Table Dip Raise

Phase 2 Workouts

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

Slow-Motion 3-in-1 Push-up
In & Out Shoulder Fly
Chair Dip
Plange Push-up
Pike Press
Side Tri-Rise
Floor Fly
Overhead Triceps Extension
Two-Twitch Speed Push-up
Lying Triceps Extension
Side-to-Side Push-up
Pour Fly
Side-Leaning Triceps Extension
One-Arm Push-up
Weighted Circle
Throw the Bomb
Clap or Plyo Push-up
Slow-Mo Throw
Front-to-Back Triceps Extension
One-Arm Balance Push-up
Fly-Row Press
Dumbbell Cross-Body Blow

Back and Biceps

Wide Grip Pull-Ups
One-Arm Cross-Body Curls
Switch Grip Pull-Ups
Elbows-Out Lawnmowers
Standing Bicep Curls
One-Arm Concentration Curls
Corn Cob Pull-Ups
Reverse Grip Bent Over Rows
Open-Arm Curls
Static-Arm Curls
Towel Pull-Ups
Congdon Locomotives
Crouching Cohen Curls
One-Arm Corkscrew Curls
Seated Bent-Over Back Flys
Hammer Curls
Max Rep Pull-Ups
In-Out Hammer Curls
Strip-Set Curls

Cardio X

Never done this, haven’t even had the DVD in the machine so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this info.

KENPO – Ball Kick
Airborne Heisman
Hook_Uppercut_Side Kick
Swing Kick
Front and Back Knuckles_Ball Kick_Back Kick
Jump SHot
Wacky Jacks
Squat X-Press
YOGA – Sun Salutations (Vinyasas)
Steam Engine
Runners Pose
Dreya Roll
Warrior One
Squat Run
Superman and Banana
Warrior Two
Three-Direction Kick
Reverse Warrior

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