30WOD Time – R12 REMIX

7e65aa0bdc2bc94c2724cac776e54ddbI gave up my Crossfit membership, mostly by default I suppose I just hadn’t been there to make use of it. That said, I think I am going to shake things up a bit with my workouts and try to do 30 days of WODs. Actually, I should call the gym and make sure they didn’t auto renew me…

I think it’s about time that I did something that I can actually track on here. It’s been a long time since I actually followed a prescribed workout system and that didn’t even go so well because I was so used to being off plan so to speak. In fact, R12 lasted exactly 2 days and if that’s not a massive failure then I don’t know what is.

R12, as you will recall, was supposed to look like this:

Bench and ring dips (HEAVY)
Deadlifts and sprints / laps (LIGHT)
Cleans and Squats (HEAVY)
Press and KB swings (LIGHT)
Pullups and 95lb Deadlifts / cleans / clean and press
Cardio / Yoga / MMA workout

However I was blinded by my quasi-resolution to work out with the girls at gym and that simple thought completely derailed me. What I really need is to commit to something. Anything. Because like I always tell my kids…

somethingnothingNow I have to admit I like the look of R12, so much so that instead of choosing between the Crossfit Ark WOD and the typically significantly harder Crossfit.com WOD I think I will make my choice based on R12 or Crossfit Ark WOD. I know there will be WODs that I just won’t want to do or may not be able to do effectively and that’s when the R12 can come to the rescue. The problem I have with WODs typically is that they are not a complete system of workouts when done as a daily routine. I have gone over it before so I don’t need to rehash it but basically as a daily workout, the WODs can be woefully insufficient as a balanced system. That is where having a structured, balanced system in place can help out. When the WODs for the week don’t add up to a single movement of chest press or curling movement, the traditional system can fill that gap. If you think that I am inaccurate in my assessment, just check out the follow up I did with an example of that week’s WODS. 

So, just like day 1 of when this all began back in June of 2009 I am jumping in on a whim and I am going to stick it out and see how I feel. My plan is to do the WOD that is posted for the affiliate I was a member at here in Aurora, Crossfit Ark, but I may make it easier on myself and make a choice between that and whatever they post over at Crossfit.com. The Crossfit.com workouts are  however so I will probably just stick to the Ark.

Day 1 of 30WOD

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
5 Rounds of

1 min of DU
1 min rest
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

14 min AMRAP

20 Box Jumps @ 24″/20″
15 Wallballs @ 20#/14#
10 T2B


Since I can’t actually do double unders it will be 15 minutes of DU practice.

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