30WOD Day 2 – Out of my comfort zone.

comfortzoneYesterday went OK, the toes to bar were harder than I thought but once I had done one set they got easier. I recall this being a lot easier back when I was still 230lbs, now I am flirting with 255 and my physiological systems are not happy. That’s why I am pushing a little harder towards HIIT right now and distancing myself from my bulk and strength cycle that I was on during spring and early summer. I probably am a couple of months off, timing wise, I should be cutting during early spring but not to worry, it will still happen.

Today is a little more challenging to complete since I don’t have a rower or a partner, however running will have to suffice. I have to admit also that not knowing what I am going to be doing ahead of time is challenging to me, a little annoying and it grates on my slightly OCD side.

Metcon (Time)

Alternate partners each round until each partner has completed 5 rounds each

500m row

25 Push-ups

30 min cap

So basically it’s going to be a 2k run (I have a 400m circuit I will use) and 125 pushups. Pretty basic and simple but I haven’t really run anywhere since Cuba at the start of the year on the beach so my calves and shins may not be thanking me tomorrow.

The alternative would be what?

Yesterday was jumps and shoulders and abs so really no strength component to speak of. That would mean I could do any one of the 6 days from the R12 list. However, since I am striving to stick to HIIT and to give my body a bit of a shock I am going to go with the running and pushups. I just hope I can make the 30 minute cutoff…

How do I feel? Well, the last few days have looked like this:

Saturday, 08/02/2014 57 Chest only 200 reps timed. 70%
Sunday, 08/03/2014 58 Oly lift Full Monty @95 240 reps 70%
Monday, 08/04/2014 59 Pullups and dips and curls 70%
Tuesday, 08/05/2014 59 off 69%
Wednesday, 08/06/2014 60 30WOD 1 box jumps wallball T2B 70%
Thursday, 08/07/2014 61 30WOD 2 Running and pushups 70%

So to be honest I am kind of sore everywhere but not too sore anywhere. At least at this point I am well balanced in my workout since coming back from Cuba last week and my 7 days rest that try to get in once a year. Catching up is never fun, but kind of an enjoyable necessity once you are into it. As far as weight goes, I lost about 7lbs in Cuba but I am once again filled with glycogen so I would guess my weight is 257 or thereabouts. I would like to get back to the 230-240 area sooner rather than later, and I think this HIIT will be the most efficient way.

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