30WOD Day 3 – I Hurt All Over

the-pain-of-being-overweight-is-far-worse-than-the-pain-of-working-outThis is turning out to be very painful.

Sure, I haven’t run in 8 months why would 2km of light jogging.. and I do mean light jogging not what anyone would look at and think, “Hey, look at that guy running” make that big of a difference? Well, let me tell you my ankles hurt, my feet hurt my calves are excruciating and as far as I can tell my spine has fused itself. I know it’s only been 2 days and honestly even though I took a week completely off working out to recouperate I didn’t think it would be this bad. Then again, I can’t remember the last time I did toes to bar or waddled fast enough to have to catch my breath. That said, this is why I am doing this in the first place, to get some work outside my bubble and increase my total work done.

But it hurts.

This can also serve as a pointer to anyone thinking of joining a Crossfit box that you can, with a little equipment and a little training get as much of a benefit from working out at home as you can being at a gym and that was really the whole reason behind this site in the first place. To prove the gym isn’t the be all and end all of fitness.

What ended up happening yesterday was 400m run with 25 pushups starting every 5 minutes. As it turned out I took 2.30 to do the work so it was a 50:50 work split which is exactly what a partner WOD is supposed to be.

On to today.

Deadlift (1-1-1-1-1-1)
Take 20 min to find a DL 1 RM

7 min AMRAP

20 DU
1 Power Snatch @ 115#/75#
20 DU
2 Power Snatch @ 115#/75#

or, if that is too hard:

7 min AMRAP

40 SIngle Skips
1 Deadlift @ 135#/95#
40 Single Skips
2 Deadlift @ 135#/95#

keep adding 1 Deadlift a round until the 7 min cap

I think I will do both, since my DU suck so bad I will do the 40 singles with PS first for 7 minutes and then 40 singles with DL as Rx second. My goal is to try and get up to a 200+ DL today and push on from there. If I can get my DL up to 300 by the end of the summer I will be happy, in fact, my goal if I recall is a bodyweight DL by summer end.


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