30WOD – Day 4 – Milestone Achievement

power snatchI managed to get to grips with the power snatch, I was seriously afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to handle the overhead position with any kind of weight but after some no weight and low weight reps doing the motion I actually managed to do 5 sets of 5 with 95lbs. I know it was supposed to be 115 but since I had already overextended myself by deadlifting the 200lbs the day before I thought it best just to try and take the fact that I actually did the power snatch as good enough. I did find it a bit tough getting into the full extended position, not really because of the weight but rather the tightness across my upper back in that arched pinched position. I have to admit I was a little impressed with myself, but I also know that getting to the point of doing a proper squat snatch is not something I can see myself doing. I do have a mobility issue with the overhead squat deep position, I just can’t get my body into position under load. I can get there with a 45lb bar and probably even with 95lbs but any more, any kind of actual weight and my positioning is too badly compromised due to my poor shoulder mobility and back fear / mobility. Anyway, never to say never, I know that I should work on my overhead squats and my front rack squats because they are both pathetic.

Today promises to be tough too. It’s handstand pushups. as you can see from the Rx weights I am a VERY long way away from doing these lifts as Rx’ed. My deadlift has maxed out at 205 and I have yet to learn how exciting it is to do a handstand pushup. So I will do what I can, my kids at gymnastics will be filled with mockery I am sure to learn that I have been “working on” my handstands. I still also need to get my kip, ring muscle up and bar muscle up, all things that I think I really should have.

So today will be interesting, hopefully I will get to do a handstand pushup of some kind and will then be able to boast 2 new skills this week!

Metcon (No Measure)
15 min Handstand Practice
Free Standing
Shoulder Touches

Metcon (Time)


7 DL @ 275#/185#
30 Air Squat
Metcon (Time)


7 DL @ 185/135
20 Air Squat
10 Push-ups

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