Two Week Update

It has been officially two weeks since the surgery and the last couple of days I have been going to EGA to walk and se if I could drive. The car part was easy, no issues getting in and out of the car which is good. I managed 2 laps of the gym yesterday which was a great day and figured out that the toilets at the gym are not too low to sit on which will also help. However, this comes with peril. I am at the leaps and bounds part of recovery which is probably the most dangerous part. Every day you get better, stronger but also more ambitious and less careful. This is the window during which I have previously fallen down the stairs, reinjured my back doing a toilet repair and fallen off a ladder.

So patience first, I will try for 5 laps today (maybe 4 since I already went to shoppers and had to walk the entire store to get to the pharmacy). That said, after what is essentially very little exercise yesterday I was exhausted this morning, and also hungry which is very unusual for me which I think says that my body was in need of more rest and fuel to recover. I have to admit that it is great to be able to get around in the car, my sense of freedom has been restored and the frustration that comes with being locked indoors is gone. I have not started on a plan to get back to LAF yet to start to recondition my body and I think that will have to wait until I have my staples removed on monday. While I am very far from being able to “return to my normal life” I am making a reasonable facsimile of it. That said, I am currently able to walk down stairs with both legs like a normal person. Up is not quite there yet but it is all good signs.

I have not participated in TEAM camp this week, I figure being around people is not the best move at this point just to be safe. People are careless and inattentive and children are walking accidents so I think I will wait to make my return to the gym floor.

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