Staples Out. 3 week (ish) update

Drove myself to the fracture clinic today to have my 30 staples removed which I am happy to say was nowhere near as painful as having them removed after my back surgery. Mind you these looked more like regular paper staples where the back ones looked like industrial fasteners. I am walking around the house without my cane, I can walk upstairs and down like a normal person so after all my success the real test comes today when I am back to coaching. I am not sure I will be able to stand all night in fact I am sure I won’t however getting through the next 4 hours will be the biggest test since I first had to sit on the loo.

There really are only big milestones now, I have to get back to coaching and then the last significant thing is to get back to LA Fitness and start properly rehabbing my hip and legs. Once that happens and I can get rid of the cane I can consider myself back to normal for the most part. I guess that will mean I have to cut the grass…

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