Christmas Crackers

crackersLast week ended with dabbling into P90X2 (PAP Upper) and Tapout XT (Yoga) and I have to comment on how poor the latter was. It was a very watered down version of any yoga workout, not helped by the grating personality of the so called leader. On Monday it was weights day at bootcamp so we grabbed our dumbbells and did the workout below. I think I am going to have to make a New Year’s Resolution to post more since I am losing track of my workouts and my statistics keeping is also suffering.

Here’s weights:

Wallball Complex
6lb 10 wallball with 10 burpee
8lb 10 waqllball with 10 vsnap
10lb 10 wallball with 10 crunch

Chest Press
Chest Fly
Chest pullover
Single arm hammer tricep
Kneeling press
Kneeling curl
Wallball Complex

Plank row
Plank row with pushup
Military on db
Kneeling press
Kneeling tricep extension
Kneeling bicep curl against knee
Wallball Complex

Chest press alternating
face up overhead fly alternating
Overhead pullover alternating
alternating shoulder press
alternating bicep curl
Single tricep extension overhead
Wallball Complex

High Pull
Ribbon (extended halo)
Hammer double curls
Military clap
Regular Clap
Plyo Pushup with clap

Twisting half moon both sides
warrior 1-3 both sides

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