P90X2 – X2 Yoga Review (67 Minutes)

The best news about P90X2 was that the Yoga workout wasn’t going to be 90 minutes any more. I’ts pretty common knowledge that most P90X fans found some way around doing the full 90 either by replacing it with something else, cutting the workout short or skipping it altogether. It’s now been cut down to 67 minutes which may still be too long for some, but it moves slowly and is pretty engaging.

Reviewing this may be tough, the list for P90X Yoga was extremely long and really not that helpful due to the massive repetition. Let’s see how this goes.

As with many of the P90X2 workouts, there are more balance facets to this workout, it seems as though the team over at BB has finally realized the value of balance and power together!

Mountain Pose and Stretch – This is the warmp for yoga, neck stretching, side bends, forward fold, rear grasp forward fold and of course arm circles and swingers to loosen the sholders.

Sun Salutation A – Arch back to front fold, step back to plank, 5 pushups, legs on floor to cobra, back to child pose. Rest. Come up to down dog to stretch calves, up onto toes step in to forward fold and stand. Tony picks up the tempo but it’s a little different than the first section. Stand to forward fold, jump back to plank, up dog, down dog, up to toes, jump in stand up and two inhales. This is repeated another 2 times for 4 total.
Sun Salutation B – Chair pose (30s),  step (or jump) back to up dog, into down dog, raise one heel, come up on toe, reach knee to same elbow, back to heel up, reach knee in to oppopsite elbow. Next go back to heel up and then reach leg to the outside, knee straight and try to touch knee to same side elbow. Come up to warrior 1 and back into plank to repeat the sequence for the other leg. Once done, go through the vinyasa (push up to up dog, through to down dog) then jump feet in to get back into chair pose. From chair pose, repeat the entire sequence again. The difference is that in the next 3 rounds of this Salutation, you do not repeat the knees to elbows, just go from heel lift to step through to runners pose and continue.

Break in child’s pose

Section 2 – There isn’t a name for this section but the order is this:
Downward Dog
Crescent Pose
Warrior 3
Half Moon
Reverse Half Moon
Standing Split
Crunch Raises – Just bring knee to chin and back to needle (standing split)
Squat Prayer (Pre-crane) and into Crane for 30s (second round is an optional handstand)

Repeat Section 2 for other side

Break in child’s pose

Section 3
Warrior 1
Warrior 2 – Reach to floor with front hand 5 times
Triangle Pose
Reverse Warrior
Bound Warrior  – One arm under leg, one around back and link hands
Runners Pose down to elbows
Single Hamstring Stretch – on one knee or front splits
Runners Pose to chataranga to down dog

Repeat Section 3 for other side

Break in child’s pose

Abs Section

Yogi Bicycles – Laying bicyles but extend the leg after you touch elbow
Abrinome or laying rainbow
Split Leg Reach Crunch – Crunch to middle with straddle legs up towards ceiling
Bridge and Wheel – One of shoulder bridge, full bridge or bridge with leg raise
Happy Baby – single leg and double
Roll Like A Ball – Knees to chest, roll back and forward
Frog – 60s
Pigeon –
60s. Included is a demo of double pigeon and Happy Cow
Sitting Forward Bend
– 30s
Plow To Shoulder Stand – From straight shoulder stand to straddle, to feet together, to one leg over to the floor, to both legs over
Spinal Stretch – Lay flat, bring one knee up to chest, and push it over to the opposite side floor
Shavasana – Corpse Pose
Fetal Position
Cross Legged Position – Just one OHM this time!




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