30WOD Day 24 Actually – The Final Week

watermelonsleepySince I started this back on August 6th this will be day 24 of my 30 days of WODs.

I haven’t done 30 workouts, and I will continue until I have, the projection for that is around mid September some time but for now it is looking like I will have done 23 or 24 workouts during the 30 day “challenge”. I will review what I have learned after I have done 30 workouts I think. For now, I have learned that you never forget the workouts you hate, love or love to hate. Such is Chelsea and her twin Cindy both of which are horrid little children. It looks so simple at first, pullups pushups and squats but one round a minute and after 10 rounds you are cursing, 15 rounds you are insanely angry, 17 rounds you are almost dead but the last 2 are always somehow deceptively easy. As a measure of how “unfit” I am since the last time I was doing a lot of bodyweight stuff (you can read that as how out of cardio shape I am) I struggled to 15 rounds last night and with coaching looming and time a small factor I allowed myself to quit. I shouldn’t have, it was really only a 20 minute workout with the warmup and a few doubleunders (not together) at the start. I was shocked at the lack of energy I had. I am not sure if it’s a lack of something in my diet but for some reason I am really lagging in the energy department. It could also be because I have cut back on coffee somewhat and where I would usually be finishing my third of the day before my workouts I am now reduced to 2 in the morning and nothing after about 1pm. I should really be eating more veggies too but I can’t be arsed at the moment to examine my macros and do the whole exact balance thing. I will have some watermelon when I get home, that should fix me right up.

You know, I should have some milk before I work out since it makes me so wiggy before bed time, maybe I can use that as a pre-workout pick me up. Now I know that the pre-workout industry is a massive one and I know some people swear by pre-workout stuff but I was never into that stuff. A coffee maybe but never a protein shake or whatever these people have in their little shaker cups at the gym. I even tried some energy balls that came in a tiny pringles can (not sure if they are still around) but it just never seemed to do anything for me. I remember years ago using ephedrine too but other than keeping my up all night I am not convinced it did anything for me. I tried Hydroxycut too but it just made me shaky and angry and lethargic which is weird.

Today is basically thrusters and double unders so more skipping and more broken toe nails and scarred feet for me.

I think what I will do is 10 squats at 135 or 185 every minute for 10 minutes. That’s already 100 squats and then do 10 rounds of 15 thrusters at 95lbs with 60 skips. I promise I will do a few minutes of DU practice too…

Metcon (Weight)
Take 10min to warm up to a moderately heavy Front Squat 1 rep


10 min EMOM

1 Front Squat

all at the same weight
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10 min AMRAP

15 Thrusters @ 75#/55#
30 DU
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10 min AMRAP

15 Thrusters @ 45#/35#
60 Single Skips

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