30WOD Day19 – Got Sleep, Got Gas

clean body weightI think it’s the milk again but I have been strangely boated the last few days without much of a change in my diet. I don’t usually drink a ton of milk but recently I have been indulging and I think I may not be tolerating it as well as I once did. I shall buy some lacteeze and see if that helps, or maybe I will just cut the milk for now and see what happens.

Yesterday was a welcome return for cleans and I enjoyed the workout. I didn’t do exactly what I was supposed to but instead did some clean practice to start and then did:

10 rounds

3 Power cleans @135
6 pushups
9 Squats

I thought about trying to get to 15 sets at the start but believe me half way through I was sucking air pretty hard. This getting back into cardio shape is tough! I am really starting to wonder about the wisdom of trying to regain some of my mass this summer, not only had it made me heavier and less able cardio wise but it has also added bulk where I didn’t really need it, on my shoulders and traps. It seemed like a good idea at the time and for an ex powerlifter / bodybuilder TYPE, it’s a hard thing to let go.

Today is something I am not going to be able to tolerate I think. It’s more KB swings and fairly long runs that I am simply not ready for at this point. Historically I have had issues with my shins and even now I get huge shin pain if I am not extremely careful with my running. Given that I will not have a lot of time for today I think I will lean towards a clean free complement of lifts and pullups. Something like this:

Strict Press

With a sprinkling of


So, maybe something like 5 rounds of:

10 deadlifts
5 pullups
3 handstands
10 Squat
5 pullups
3 handstands
10 Press
5 pullups
3 handstands


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