30WOD Day 14 – DIY and Fitness. Build your gym.

garage chinup mark 2I felt like there were too many power snatches. I guess because it is a fairly new move for me I was a little disenchanted by having to to them twice in 4 days. Then again, I really need the practice apparently.

Tuesday I was off work and I installed the new chinup bar (Fitness Avenue on sale $14) in the garage as seen on the left. It’s a major upgrade from the existing one, and of course I overlooked one critical piece, it’s right above where I do my Oly lifts so the first time I did an overhead press I banged it with the bar. Not a problem though, I just have to move forward a little with the barbell. It’s solid as a rock and I don’t need a step ladder to get to it like the last one. So on Tuesday I christened it with a pullups and deadlifts workout that was not particularly hard:

10 rounds
5 Chinup
10 DL
10 DU

On Wednesday I was short on time due to coaching but still I managed to pull out Randy, a 75 power snatch for time workout. I then made the mistake of going on the Crossfit Ark site and seeing other times. I was slightly surprised that I was probably double what some of the others were, but then again I think that is what makes Crossfit boxes so successful, you are there in a group to push and help each other. It’s an intangible that makes a big difference. For the record with resting I made the 75 power snatches at 75# in just over 14 minutes. The fastest guy at Ark was 6 minutes… As an aside if I was to try 75 cleans I bet I would be able to almost match that time, but being that my snatching is a very new skill I maybe should not be so hard on myself.

Thankfully when I looked at the workout for today there were no snatches in sight. But also no cleans or presses or pushups.

Looks like I will be doing 5 chins every minute for 10 minutes then 70lb swings, 80 skips (since my DUs suck still) and 9 pullups since muscle ups are still on the list of things to learn.

Strict Chin-up (1-1-1-1-1)
Take 10 min to build to a 1RM weighted Chin-up

If you do not have 1 Chin-up perform 1 negative chin-up every min on the min for 10 min
Metcon (Time)


20 KB Swings @ 32kg/24kg
40 DU
3 MU
Metcon (Time)


20 KB Swings @ 24kg/16kg
80 single skips
9 Pull-ups

How do I feel? Well, a little fitter I suppose. I was complaining for quite a while there about missing HIIT and the “fitness” that it brings so I am happy to report that even with the break for the wedding that I am starting to return to a feeling of ability and fitness. Not quite the mobility that I felt while doing bootcamp, but getting there. It’s been 2 weeks of 30WOD, hopefully by the end I will have regained that agile feeling too…

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