Unrelated – Bell Canada Sucks.

This is the actual conversation I had with the “Chatbot” today.

You: I have my 2 recent payments showing as returned payment on my bill

Pauline: Hi, Simon!

You: its supposed to be prepaid on visa, why has it been billed then returned?

You: Now my bill is $1100 which I obviously can’t pay

Pauline: My sincerest apologies about that, Simon. Allow me to check it for you.

Pauline: May I please have the email address associated with the account for validation?

You: p90x@iamcanadian.org

Pauline: Perfect! Thank you!

Pauline: As I can see here, the status of the payments is “backout”. My higher support advised that you’ll need to contact your bank and since the account is already delinquent, you’ll need to contact our Account Receivables Team via 1-800-477-9205 and make payment arrangements.

You: you can’t tell me what backout means or why your company returned the payment????

You: What’s the point in having my phone number if nobody calls me to tell me the payment didn’t go through???

You: You provide my phone, no phone call, you provide my internet but no email. That is just ridiculous.

You: August One Bill $1,109.55 Please pay by August 26, 2014 Info Payment received CR $500.55

You: I will be cancelling my services as soon as this is cleard up you are the worst company I have ever dealt with.

Pauline: I am currently reviewing the account, may I know if you changed the credit card expiry recently or changed it to a new credit card?

You: It was changed online in June and the details are correct because I just made a payment. This is just a joke.

Pauline: As I can see here, there are some calls made from our collections team.

You: ZERO Messags on my home phone. Zero calls to my cell phone, ZERO emails. That’s what I call not trying hard enough.

Pauline: My sincerest apologies if you feel that way, I can see here that there are some notes from our collections team, it seems that the problem started when you updated the credit card information. Our system still recognizes the old credit card information, but moving forward, if the credit card information is correct, there wouldn’t be any problem.

You: It won’t matter, I have had it, I’m getting rid of the services this kind of thng happens way too much.

You: Thanks for nothing. Put that on the account…

Pauline: My sincerest apologies, Simon. I will leave a note on the account.

Pauline: Thank you for chatting with me. Please feel free to chat with us anytime. We are open 24/7. Is there anything else that I can help you?

You: Give me the phone number for Rogers…

Pauline: My apologies, we don’t have the phone number for Rogers.

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