30WOD Day 11 – Back To Work

doubleunderI did have to take 2 days off this weekend due to the wedding although I did get a short KB workout in on Saturday. Friday and Sunday were shot and so today which is Monday I went to the Ark site and was faced with this:

Front Squat (3-3-3-3-3)
Take 20 min to build to a 3 RM
Metcon (Time)

15 Front Squats @ 95#/65#
10 Power Snatches @ 95#/65#
500m row / 400m run

Since I was interested in the Squats and Power Snatches but also realise that my Double Unders really REALLY need work I decided on the following:

5 rounds

10 Squats
5 Power snatches 95#

Given that my DUs suck so bad it actually took about 3 minutes for each set of 10 with lots and lots of singles mixed in. At my best I was able to string together about 8 reps of 3 singles plus one double. I was really sucking wind after the first 3 sets but at the same time very happy at the high intensity I was able to maintain throughout. I will also say that I don’t work out with shoes on and each time I failed on a DU i smashed my toes with the heavy rope which was massively unpleasant but also provided suitable motivation to get it right.

The title is a misnomer because today and tomorrow I am off work. I also got a call from Crossfit Ark informing me that they have been trying to put through my payment and it’s not going through but if I want to quit or stay I should go and tell them. I should do that…

I will say one thing for this 30WOD, it’s entertaining and that takes away a lot of the pain and suffering of having to do some of the work. That said, I am constantly concerned about the bodypart cycling but as of yet I haven’t really had to sub anything due to that reason.


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