30WOD Day 18 – Skipping Days and Workouts

Double-Under-FunnyI seem to have got a bit mixed up with my days again but not to worry the two things I know for sure are that online yesterday was a day off so I did bench and Friday I was short on time before coaching so I took a rest day. On Thursday I wanted to do a little cardio workout, I wasn’t feeling great so I did a short DU practice and skipping workout with some pullups. On Friday I was off like I said but Saturday I had a chance to do the workout I was supposed to do on Thursday and it was a beast.

5 pullups every minute for 10 minutes.

5 rounds of:
20 KB swings with 55lb
80 skips
9 pullups

I have to admit it was a lot harder than I thought , mostly because of the pullups at the start. By the time it came to doing the 9 for each round I was out of pullup gas… I did manage to make it through but it was not the quickest workout ever.

Sunday I went online to find that Sundays the Ark is closed so no workout. I immediately gravitated to my wheelhouse and decided I would do a bench day:

50 x 135
40 x 185
30 x 225
20 x 275

This was not as easy as I remember however I was able to handle the weight, albeit with strenuous effort. 140 reps doesn’t sound like much but once you get past 200lbs there is a lot of work that goes into that bar. Every time I do bench I feel hugely inadequate about my deadlifts. I would think that I should at least be able to match my bench with my DL but then I remember having 2 back surgeries and surprisingly that doesn’t make me feel any better at all…

By the way, my feet hurt like hell and I have found that I hate, and I mean HATE skipping practice.

And then there is today, another running WOD of which I am SOOOOOO fond….

Metcon (No Measure)
5 Rounds

30 sec Hollow Body Hold
30 sec rest
If you fall short of the 30 sec hold then rest the remainder of the 30 sec and then the full 30 sec as well
Metcon (Time)

400m run
12 T2B
There will be a 21 min time cap

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