R11D66-70 Body Beast Bulk

Shrek hulkI have made it through half of my 10 day bulk phase, and I think that I may extend it a little further. The workouts are further divided so as to give special attention to the major body parts but here is what I have interpreted for myself.

Bulk Chest
Bulk Arms
Bulk Shoulders
Bulk Legs and Back – Squats and Deadlifts

Since I already have all the legs I require (with the exception of the mass that I lost after surgery) leg day for me is not a priority, add that to the fact that back day is also not an opportunity for all out aggression and I don’t have access to my outdoor chinup bar (why would I, it’s the middle of March in Canada) and you have a chance to do legs and back appropriately on the same day. FYI it looked a little like this:

3×5 deadlifts
2×10 deadlifts
5×10 squats
3×5 sumo deadlifts
3×5 sumo squats

I think I could do a few weeks of this kind of rotation, 5 days on one off and it would serve to increase my percentage also which currently is teetering around the 79-80% mark. Since I am around the 70 day mark that means I will be on Bulk phase until day 90 rolls in, which reminds me that I should be doing photos and weights this week some time. I think my re-composition is working, but I will need some proof of the fact.
For my cardio workout on Friday I did Insanity Plyometric Cardio and  as I recalled just moments before pushing play it’s been so long since I have done a real Insanity workout that I was worried I was not going to be able to get through the warmup. I wasn’t far wrong, so what I did was turn on the treadmill so that the times when I couldn’t keep up with Shaun T’s happy little bunch of miscreants I would be able to jog lightly and swear profusely. It wasn’t quite as bad as I had imagined however I was well and truly beaten by it in the end.

That’s what I get for trying to do Insanity while bulking.

10.6-8 – Summer Training Is Here!

234@20 – Monday
233@18 – Tuesday

10.6 – Off
10.7 – Insanity Plyo Cardio
10.8 – Monday WOD

I am still struggling to get over this stomach thing, but so far I am sticking with the new schedule. That said, today is the start of Summer Training for the kids at gym where my days switch from Mon Wed Fri to Mon Tue Thur. That means after the workout we did last night (WOD Monday) I now have a bootcamp class to look forward to today (Bootcamp 4, Bodyweight).

For the first week of the new 10Dot schedule I managed 4 of 7 days which is not great but above my R9 average, after Bootcamp tonight I will be up at 67% aiming for 70% by the weekend.

As a side note, for my workout of choice this week I did Plyometric Cardio, I guess I must have been missing Shaun T a little, but it didn’t take long to get over that. It was a beast of a workout, you really do forget how difficult it is to work out for 30 seconds at a time 4 times back to back. Even at my bootcamp, the intervals aren’t 30 seconds, that would be too much for the regular participant to bear. It did make me think about upping the rep count though!!

Monday’s WOD was a short Chelsea. Since it was day 1 of summer training I decided a shorter workout was in order so we did this;

15 rounds for time

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

We were all pretty close, I ended in 15 minutes, the girls around 16 although I have a sneaking suspicion they skipped a round at the end! I am currently working on some mobility work to try to advance the flexibility of the shoulders and spine for my girls and to work in some flexibility work into the scheudule for the summer. It’s tough to try to fit everything in especially with an hour fitness class taking a large chunk of 2 of my days. But I think this year it is going to be critical that we try and find a way to keep the flexibility and mobility work in the mix.