10.37 – Century Club Nightmare And Tanita Explains Itself In Pictures

Last night was a nightmare workout, no wonder one of my kids feigned a foot cramp to get out of it (you know who you are!). It started innocently enough with my clean and press workout the other day where I figured out that if you did 1-10 then 9-1 reps you get a total of 100 reps so I set out the workout pretty simply.

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps

The question was, what exercises to put in there. I called it Century Club since I have such fond memories of playing Century Club back in University  where the aim of the game was to drink a shot (2oz) of beer every minute for 100 minutes. That would be equivalent of 6 liters of beer or the rough equivalent of 18 330ml cans of beer. I remember the game well, but I don’t remember feeling this bad when I woke up the next day! This morning I had a hard time getting out of bed and I can only assume that the workout was a touch too long.

I decided on The Quad as the name, and the following exercises:

Chin Ups
Tricep Dips

Maybe I should have stuck with The Tripod or The Twins. I suppose that the Quintuple will have to be shelved! Thankfully it is cardio tonight so my aching traps and lats will get a rest, however my butt which still aches from Thursdays squats and Sunday’s cleans will have to wait until tomorrow for respite.

Moving on, the graphic above relates to yesterday’s post and is Tanita’s attempt at explaining their BC549 scale’s weird classifications. Apparently according to them I am pretty much average for my age except for the fact that I have large bones rating a 9.2 lbs of bone mass. I was a little surprised to see the healthy ranges for fat levels which are noted below next to the list from yesterday.

Date June-30-12 July-01-12 July-02-12 Healthy Ranges
Weight 232.6 231.2 231.2
Fat 19.4 19.5 19.4    11%-22%
Water 54.2 54.1 54.2    50%-65%
Muscle 178.2 177 178.2    Lean Mass
Rating 6 6 6    4-6 (Higher is better)
BMR 2512 2594 2511    Calorie Req’s
Age 29 30 29    Metabolic Age
Bone Mass 9.2 9 9.2    5.9-8.1
Visceral Fat 9 9 9    1-12 (out of 59!)

I am treating this as a long term experiment so we shall see where my numbers go this summer as I try to keep my participation above 70% and try to hit that 220lb level.

10.22 – Monday WOD and My Aching Achilles

Monday evening came around and at the moment I really look forward to the coaching hours. We are working on mobility and flexibility at the moment and are really seeing some valuable results. Not only are the girls reaping the rewards of my increasing knowledge but I too am starting to work on my own flexibility and since my body has had a hard life and is currently one notch above tin man I have a long way to go. I just wish I could be looser in the hips and hamstrings and so that is my goal. We started with 90 minutes of mobility and stretching and handstands, on the way we discovered the weakness that had gone unnoticed in one of my athletes whose tight quads and hip flexors are preventing an effective back walkover. Up until now we had assumed it was tight shoulders and a slight back curvature that was the culprit. Not so! Thanks to our new comprehensive work up we have now found a new area to work and improve. For our conditioning we started a bench press max workup and discovered that strength is nothing without good joint control. We only made it up to 35lbs this time, we have a long way to go! After the 5×5 bench we did a Mandy workout which is short but tough. We finished in under 10 minutes which may indicate that Mandy should actually be Mandy².


Double Block Jumps
v snaps

Maybe starting at 25 would be enough, but I think 2 rounds may be the ideal solution for it being a little too short.

That said, I was so determined to keep up with the girls that I think I strained my achilles during the box jumps, the next day I was very sore but thankfully after a little lacrosse ball work it seemed to loosen up a little. I have to credit (once again) MobilityWOD for assisting in the right way to hurt myself…

10.15 – Monday WOD at Gym

Mondays are going to be tricky. I wanted to do some strength training with the girls but their reluctance and their notion that they will turn into men if they use olympic bars is something I have to tackle. Last night was the first night I introduced the new stretching and flexibility portion of the evening. For the record, it goes like this:

5 laps running / skipping / heels up / knees up / 5 corner sprints
5 minutes foam rolling (We have found foam rolling to be a great help in preventing overall soreness and fixing large muscle knots)
5 laps running during which: 10 burpees / 10 pushups / 10 squats / 10 chinups


15 wall sliders
15 floor sliders (on floor beam)
10x Slot machine pull each arm (stand with shoulder and elbow against wall, palm away from wall. Face along the wall, use away arm to pull wall arm down)
10 min ball work (lacrosse ball to loosen upper back)
5 weighted pullovers
5 skin cat hold 15s
5 bridge / elevated bridge 15s
5 wall walk to bridge

Splits cycle:
Kneeling quad stretch x5 hold 10 (go to elbows down if possible)
Right, left, middle 10s each
Right, left, middle 30s each
Right, left, middle 60s each

Scorpion back stretch (assisted)
Back manipulation / inversion table / individual back stretch

Now I am not saying that I am the greatest source of information on flexibility but from what I have read recently, without getting into the kid of heavy manipulations required for mobilityWOD type stretching I think this will serve our purpose well for now. I am sure we will find some shortfalls, and of course there are other mobility items we do for each event as we warm up since I have, or am in the process of, revamping all of our warmups for each event.

Once it was time for our conditioning, we attempted a little thruster work, but the kids have a hard time keeping the bar balanced and close to the body, it’s pretty amazing actually to see just how many different ways there are to do something wrong when you come from a place of zero knowledge and zero preconception. Then it was time for a little metcon work so we chose Half Barbara for 5 rounds for time. I don’t have the exact numbers but it was all over in a matter of under 10 minutes.

Half Barbara:

5 rounds for time:
10 Chinups
15 Pushups
20 Situps
25 Squats

10.6-8 – Summer Training Is Here!

234@20 – Monday
233@18 – Tuesday

10.6 – Off
10.7 – Insanity Plyo Cardio
10.8 – Monday WOD

I am still struggling to get over this stomach thing, but so far I am sticking with the new schedule. That said, today is the start of Summer Training for the kids at gym where my days switch from Mon Wed Fri to Mon Tue Thur. That means after the workout we did last night (WOD Monday) I now have a bootcamp class to look forward to today (Bootcamp 4, Bodyweight).

For the first week of the new 10Dot schedule I managed 4 of 7 days which is not great but above my R9 average, after Bootcamp tonight I will be up at 67% aiming for 70% by the weekend.

As a side note, for my workout of choice this week I did Plyometric Cardio, I guess I must have been missing Shaun T a little, but it didn’t take long to get over that. It was a beast of a workout, you really do forget how difficult it is to work out for 30 seconds at a time 4 times back to back. Even at my bootcamp, the intervals aren’t 30 seconds, that would be too much for the regular participant to bear. It did make me think about upping the rep count though!!

Monday’s WOD was a short Chelsea. Since it was day 1 of summer training I decided a shorter workout was in order so we did this;

15 rounds for time

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

We were all pretty close, I ended in 15 minutes, the girls around 16 although I have a sneaking suspicion they skipped a round at the end! I am currently working on some mobility work to try to advance the flexibility of the shoulders and spine for my girls and to work in some flexibility work into the scheudule for the summer. It’s tough to try to fit everything in especially with an hour fitness class taking a large chunk of 2 of my days. But I think this year it is going to be critical that we try and find a way to keep the flexibility and mobility work in the mix.