10.22 – Monday WOD and My Aching Achilles

Monday evening came around and at the moment I really look forward to the coaching hours. We are working on mobility and flexibility at the moment and are really seeing some valuable results. Not only are the girls reaping the rewards of my increasing knowledge but I too am starting to work on my own flexibility and since my body has had a hard life and is currently one notch above tin man I have a long way to go. I just wish I could be looser in the hips and hamstrings and so that is my goal. We started with 90 minutes of mobility and stretching and handstands, on the way we discovered the weakness that had gone unnoticed in one of my athletes whose tight quads and hip flexors are preventing an effective back walkover. Up until now we had assumed it was tight shoulders and a slight back curvature that was the culprit. Not so! Thanks to our new comprehensive work up we have now found a new area to work and improve. For our conditioning we started a bench press max workup and discovered that strength is nothing without good joint control. We only made it up to 35lbs this time, we have a long way to go! After the 5×5 bench we did a Mandy workout which is short but tough. We finished in under 10 minutes which may indicate that Mandy should actually be Mandy².


Double Block Jumps
v snaps

Maybe starting at 25 would be enough, but I think 2 rounds may be the ideal solution for it being a little too short.

That said, I was so determined to keep up with the girls that I think I strained my achilles during the box jumps, the next day I was very sore but thankfully after a little lacrosse ball work it seemed to loosen up a little. I have to credit (once again) MobilityWOD for assisting in the right way to hurt myself…

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