10.19-10.21 – Greasing The Groove



10.19 – Off
10.20 – FOY Yoga with Tony (Too sore for anything else)
10.21 – RKC 34543 with 55lb and pullups

The great news is that by the time I have finished Tuesday’s bootcamp I will be up at exactly 70% participation for this session. I am also trying to get my pullups back into shape since at the moment I am having trouble stringing 10 together during my workouts.

I am scouring mobilityWOD to try and get some more information on stretching and manipulating the joints and surfaces to get some progress in the bridge / splits and shoulder mobility of my girls. The field of stretching and mobility is not glamorous and is often overlooked but I am trying to find good resources for increasing mobility and flexibility beyond what 90% of sites will tell you. Most of them act like PNF is the latest development in stretching or that blindly stretching more will give more results. Since we are talking about high level athletes here, it’s tough to find much reference material, even going through gymnastics sites hasn’t really provided much information. So if you have any to pass along, it would be more than welcome.

I am also realizing that for the first time in a while I have a small window of “me” training rather than each day having to worry about bootcamp or resting after said event. For now once I am done Thursday I can feel free to exercise on Friday knowing that I have days to recoup until WOD Monday and Bootcamp again on Tuesday. I am hoping this will get me into a groove of satisfying my own strength and mobility needs (read Olympic lifting and Yoga) and help me to fight off what is apparently a roughly 3% fat gain over the last few months.

The exciting news is that my scale should arrive tomorrow. It is partly a Fathers Day gift for me, partly a Mothers Day gift for Nicole (since we get a food scale free and she says ours is toast) and partly a more accurate way to determine my body composition. I will tell you what I think once I get my hands (and feet) on it.

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