Frosh Week Is Over. The Punishment Never Ends…

What now? Frosh Week is over, there will be a maximum of 3 workouts posted here each week from gym so what do you do in the mean time? In other words, how do I build my own workout. Here’s a quick method. How many workouts a week? Should be 6 so I will go … Continue reading “Frosh Week Is Over. The Punishment Never Ends…”

Frosh Week Day 6 – The Last Day (Be A Gymnast)

Since most of the people who this is aimed at are previous gymnasts this should be easy. For the rest of the world you need to start working on your gymnastics skills. It’s a tough sport to compete in but the skills you develop as a gymnast are valuable for all aspects of sport and … Continue reading “Frosh Week Day 6 – The Last Day (Be A Gymnast)”

Frosh Week Day 4 – Tabata Cardio. Who doesn’t love cardio amirite?

Frosh Week Workouts Day 4 Cardio… because beer is carbs Tabata protocol: 20 SECONDS WORK 10 SECONDS REST X 8 THAT’S JUST 4 MINUTES OF ALL OUT WORK 5 rounds is a total of 20 minutes of effort. SO WORK!!! Jumping jacks VSNAPS Mary Katherine lunge switches Pushups Burpees

Frosh Week Day 3 – Warmup and Stretch

Time for a rest, of course only if you have done the previous 2 days. This is not so much a day off as a chance to work back into your flexibility and is something that, if you don’t do yoga at the Student Gym, you are going to need to do twice a week. … Continue reading “Frosh Week Day 3 – Warmup and Stretch”

Frosh Week Workouts and The Return To TDEE

So it’s been 10 days since I stopped the cut, went to Cuba on vacation and ditched counting calories in favour of what I would consider a major refeed. I learned a couple of things during this week, first that my strength takes a major hit when I am cutting, something that I have missed. … Continue reading “Frosh Week Workouts and The Return To TDEE”

The Most Savage Workouts – How To Stay In Shape After Gymnastics

It’s that time of year again and my heart is heavy as I say goodbye to some of my wonderful kids. They are moving on, away from a sport that has given them the kind of strength and coordination that nothing else can and for that reason they need something to keep them going. Hitting … Continue reading “The Most Savage Workouts – How To Stay In Shape After Gymnastics”

R7D30-35 – Warriors In Sickness And In Health

The week leading up to the Warrior Dash was not great. I coached Wednesday despite having a fever and after spiking over 40 degrees I was off work on Thursday and Friday with only some gentle walking on the treadmill and outside to count as exercise on Friday. My throat was extremely sore, and to … Continue reading “R7D30-35 – Warriors In Sickness And In Health”