Frosh Week Day 6 – The Last Day (Be A Gymnast)

straddle holdtuck planche
Since most of the people who this is aimed at are previous gymnasts this should be easy. For the rest of the world you need to start working on your gymnastics skills. It’s a tough sport to compete in but the skills you develop as a gymnast are valuable for all aspects of sport and fitness. So if you don’t have a handstand or a bridge or splits, get to work.

Day 6 – Memories of Gymnastics

5-10-15 for warmup

Chair or free dips


30s plank on hands
5 wall handstands @ 10 seconds
30s Bridge hold
10s straddle hold (hands only)

2 minute rest

60s plank on hands
10 wall handstand shoulder touches each side
10 fall to bridge recover or back walkover
20s Tuck planche hold

2 minute rest

90s plank on hands
10 Handstand half or full turn
10 Handstand bridge or front walkover
10 Free handstands hold as long as possible

2 minute rest

20 pushup side hold
20 free handstand shoulder touches (as many attempts to do 20 total)
20 pushup shoulder touch (40 touches total)
5 30s handstands assisted or against the wall

2 minutes rest and cry because you miss gymnastics so much…

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