Nerd Alert – The Science Of Ketosis Based Diets

ketoI came across this exceptional explanation of the science behind why the keto diet (restricting carbs to under 25g a day) is so successful. In fact, when you look at the processes by which your body uses energy and how it creates that energy from stored fat or ingested food it’s incredibly complex. However it fits with such bumper sticker quotes as Keto diets burn fat not muscle or low carb is the only way to lose weight efficiently. If you are actually interested in the mechanism and want to know more about ketosis than 95% of the population then read THIS. That’s right, science comes to the rescue once again.

If you can’t make the link work, here is a cut and paste:

For those of you looking for something a little easier to digest, here you go:

And as an added bonus for all the fat logic people out there who say they are eating nothing and gaining weight, here is a 382 day FAST (ZERO FOOD) that proves otherwise. Again, science FTW. This is why people need to stay in school. And eat bacon.

Snip for the lazy:

One extreme case stands out. In 1965, one Scotsman, who chose to remain anonymous, was tired of being morbidly obese. So he decided to just stop eating until he came down to a reasonable weight. Wisely, he had doctors monitor his progress.

In 1965-1966, this man went from 207kg (456lb) to 82kg (181lb) by not eating for 382 days. A total weight loss of 125kg (275lb). Apart from “non-caloric fluids” (e.g. water, tea and coffee), all he ingested was some yeast and vitamin supplements. Five years later, he was still under 90kg (199lb). There were no apparent ill effects from this diet but he was under the close supervision of physicians.

For those of you who read this far, here’s an ice cream recipe for you 😉

How do you make that ice cream you keep talking about?

We’re still working on the nuances, but the current version is composed of 3.5 cups of whole fat (i.e., heavy, 35% fat) cream, 1 cup of zero sugar almond milk, 1 tbsp vanilla extract, 2 tbsp almond extract, 3 tbsp ground espresso powder, and 2 tbsp xylitol. This makes enough to feed about 8 normal people, or me in one sitting.

You’ll need an ice cream maker, obviously, to mix it at freezing temperatures.

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