30WOD2D6-8 – Vague Control And End Of Year Blues

cardio spanishIt’s weird but my cardio has been creeping up as a major factor in my workouts of late. I am getting used to “running” again and my cardio seems to be increasing somewhat. That means that my progress with 30WOD is slow, in fact I am only on day 8 as I write this of 14 days. Not to worry, however as I noted in my last post my handstand practice which I was keen to start over has really not happened. At least not so far. I have done a few handstands but I have not spent any time into the skill which is what I need to do in order to progress.
My last few days look like this with the 2 miles being at a leisurely pace just to get my legs used to the pounding once again.

Tuesday, 05/12/2015 44 30WOD2D6 3R 100 DU 25KB Swing 20 boxJ 15 Burpee
Wednesday, 05/13/2015 45 Cardio 2 miles – cisco
Thursday, 05/14/2015 46 Cardio 2 miles – cisco
Friday, 05/15/2015 47 30WOD2D7 75 squats 50 Pcleans 100 walking lunge for time.
Saturday, 05/16/2015 off
Sunday, 05/17/2015 48 Ran 2 miles plus 100 reps of OHP
Monday, 05/18/2015 49 30WOD2D8 Wonderland plus 90 reps each of 95lb clean and pullups sets of 5
Tuesday, 05/19/2015 50 Bench for 200 reps

Just like last time, the loose approach has allowed me too much latitude and for some reason I have been over subbing with the cardio. I do feel a bit better, my heavyness in my legs is mostly gone and I do feel a little looser however I think the running may have compounded my back pain that I had on Sunday.

I am once more frustrated with my slow progress, and each day I have a minor debate about why I should or should not cut back further and try to accelerate my progress. Not only because it’s summer and I would like to go to splash works without scaring the public but also because after my back pain last week I am reminded that being 255lbs is a big job in itself. Even dropping down to 240 would be great progress, but it seems I am cursed to repeat this forever or… is there a decision / change point on my dashboard?

It’s competition week this week in Pickering so I actually only have a 2 day work week which is nice for rest but not great for all the work I need to get done. Also, my girls are under pressure to outperform what they did in Orangeville so tensions are high as we get closer to march in. There are some skills that have gone missing, some that need to be redeveloped regardless of if they will be used or not and of course with one eye on the future some skills that need to be learned. We have 4 weeks left until the end of the season and then another 2 until the end of the year.
The big question is who will stay around for next year? We know the groups are going to be different due to level changes and ages, some may leave, some may arrive but I know for sure that there are some kids I consider to be my core girls. I hope that among everything else that they stay. It’s a tough part of the year, the kids have to decide about next year while their heads are still filled with the dread and stress of competition. I have to agree on the distribution of athletes and develop more stringent testing and evaluations for the coming year. It’s a busy time but with the summer at hand, most faces are smiling.

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