30WOD2D5 – Settling But No Handstand

cartwheelIt’s day 5 of 30WOD, which with the additional work I have been doing is actually day 7. So far here is a breakdown of what has happened…

Monday, 05/04/2015 30WODD1 – 5R 5PClean 10BoxJ 5OHP 10KBSwing
Tuesday, 05/05/2015 30WODD2 – 6 min plank and 5 min each of skips pushups stepups and situps
Wednesday, 05/06/2015 30WOD2D3 – OHS 2-2-2-2-2 4R of 400m run & 12 strict chinups
Thursday, 05/07/2015 Coaching – 80 free dips and 80 drop set curls
Friday, 05/08/2015 41 30WOD2D4 3R 50DU 20 boxj and 15 t2b
Saturday, 05/09/2015 Bench Heavy day to 365lbs – 190 reps
Sunday, 05/10/2015 30WOD2D5 5R 20 Wallball and 15 hang cleans

Conspicuous by it’s absence is any handstand practice or work of any kind. I have (mostly in vain so far) been trying to get my weight to come down and although I seem to be gaining vascularity and losing some body fat my weight is not moving much. I am currently around 252 which is only 8lbs down from my announced start of cut. I seem to have slipped out of cutting mode which is OK since now I am back into HIIT it should serve the same purpose. I am settling into the 30WOD thing OK, my abs are no longer sore from their rude awakening last week and I am noticing that my heart is responding a little better already which just means I am not still gasping when I get upstairs from working out.

However, I am not so far in that I feel any more mobile. I am going to have to start some mobility work again I think since I have lost a degree of flexibility since the last heavy round I did at the end of last year. Most noticeably my hamstrings are tight, my hips are tight and my general feeling is not one of mobility and agility but rather of brute strength and stability. I like both, but when I feel mobile I feel young and strong not just strong.

This week I commit to trying some handstands, against a wall, in private… Cartwheels are next!!

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