30WOD2D1/2 – Twitchy

doms or dieSo, being a fan of jumping in the deep end I started 30WOD2 today. Here is the first instalment followed by day 2. Feels come after.

Day 1

Metcon (Time)
5 Power Cleans @ 165#/115#
10 Box Jumps @ 30″/24″
5 S2O @ 165#/115#
10 KB Swings @ 32kg/24kg

30 min time cap
use the same barbell for both bar lifts

Day 2

6 min AMRAP
plank hold on elbows
every time you break you must rest for 30 sec
score total time in plank

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
For Reps
5 min cal row
5 min Push-ups
5 min Step-ups @ 24″/20″
5 min Sit-ups

score total reps

So I am not scoring my reps but I have to say I thought I would be able to do a 6 minute plank in 2 parts. I was woefully incorrect. I think it took me 5 parts to get the whole thing done, the last stint was about 30 seconds I think. It’s day 3 right now, I have not looked at the workout but the big question is how do I feel?

I am pretty sore, yesterday was a lot of abs and I am core sore which I hate. I skipped the rowing and did rope jumps instead so my shins hurt too. These have actually been 2 very easy workouts so far, I think it’s a blessing that I started now since I can’t imagine having to do a Fran or a Cindy right now. My legs hurt from the box jumps and steps too which makes no sense since I have been squatting… Ugh there is no rhyme or reason to DOMS I guess. My legs are twitchy too. I had a hard time falling asleep last night because they were twitching. I have enough water, I think my electrolytes are a bit low.

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