Bootcamp Round 6 Day 1

I thought I would add a little one leg balance work to the workout this week since it was only my girls and they really could use some balance and fine motor control work. I also was a big fan of the 1-10 at the end, I will have to do more of this.

D6.1.1 Bodyweight

Legs x2

20 Air squats
20 Single Squat knee lift
10 Warrior 3 knee cross
20 Squat jump
20 Super skaters

Arms x2

10 Pushup step in military
10 Pushup side raise
20 side tri rise
10 squat walkout to plank pushup
10 clapping pushups

Abs x2

20 leg up alternate toe touch
15 vsnaps
10 roll to boat
5 falling tower hold 10s

Combo x2

10 single leg walkout to pushup with knee raise
10 single leg worlds slowest burpee
20 super skater with kick
20 pushup side raise with toe touch
20 in and out with military pushup


1 – 10 Pushup Vsnap jacks

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