Following Through – Winter 2012 Part I

Since Wednesday when I did the last bootcamp it was the first test of my resolve to get my winter schedule up to speed. On Thursday I think I did the last of my Olympic lifting for the year, barring a warm spell because it’s getting very cold out in the garage. As a quick reminder here is what I was doing in general for my Oly days:

55lb KB warmup swings, snatches, clean and press halo etc.

Using 155lb bar:

5×5 Deadlift
5×5 Power Shrug
4×5 Squat
4×5 Clean
3×5 Clean and Press

That’s 125 movements which is about the max I ever did.

Friday I was supposed to do WOD at the gym but I had 1 kid and a very sore back so I took the day off. Saturday was supposed to be the first day of the Winter session being Dec 1 and all so I decided on Plyocide.

That’s because I was still sore and wanted to make sure I got some cardio in this week. Returning to P90X2 is going to be fun since I only did 1 real round of the workouts and so I am still unfamiliar with them for the most part. I am hoping to mesh them with the bootcamps and try to ensure a balanced workout schedule, and I think that taking some Insanity workouts also will help to increase my cardio output since I seem to be sadly lacking in that department. So day 1 for winter 2012 was cardio. Day 2 I decided on X2 Core since it is the first of the P90X2 workouts and I wanted something relatively easy because I have to teach bootcamp tomorrow.

That’s the problem.

For some reason now I have developed this “cushion” around my bootcamp workouts where I am overly cautious with them. I forget what it was like to do rounds of P90X with 6 days on at a time filled with tough back breaking quad burning lung busting effort. I think I need to suck it up a little.

That said, X2 Core was  enjoyable, it’s not overly taxing but it’s a well thought out bodyweight workout that touches all the bases from head to toe. No pullups though!

To review a couple of things quickly because of my back problems my last 90 day participation rate was only 60%. I also have been trying to get back into my VLC diet which has caused a little “adjustment” in my weight but that is settling down now and my most recent scale numbers are:

236.6 @ 22.1%

Not great but I am moving in a good direction now.

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