Bootcamp Weights and Balance

Today is the last class for this session, although I am not sure why we really bother keeping track since it’s a punchcard system and there is really no difference in the workouts from session to session. Anyway, we did some more weights and balance which is getting easier as time passes, at least for me, I can’t say the same for some of the participants!

Bootcamp Weights and Balance

World’s Slowest Burpees
Inch Worm
Worlds Greatest Stretch

Sitting on Stability Balls
Laying fly face down
Laying Fly face up
Sitting press
Sitting curl
Double Tricep extension
Swing Kicks over SB
Leg hold SB raise

Plank row
Floor laying chest fly
Low kneel shoulder press
kneeling single arm curl
football throw extension
Swing Kicks over SB
Straight arm full sit up with SB
Face down front fly
face up overhead fly
alternating shoulder press
alternating bicep curl
Single tricep extension
Swing Kicks over SB
Pass SB situps feet to arms

Pushup row
push up side balance with db
plank walk 360

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