10.90 – Rounds Are Over, 3 Years Later.

After almost 3 years and 3 months of sticking to my 90 day regimen I think it’s about time to give it up. It all started with P90X day 1 back in June of 2009 (actually, the first introduction to Tony was back in 2005) and since then I have gradually inched further away from the 90 day DVD approach and into my own brand of Bootcamp, Olympic lifting, Russian Kettlebells and so on. It has been a great system, especially the 90 day method of sticking to a workout and seeing it through but now I think I am too flexible in my approach to gain any more benefit from that structure. Of course, I still need some way of monitoring my rest weeks and downtime versus my activity and some way to vary the body parts and duration of my workouts. But for now, cycling through another 90 day “program” isn’t going to be of any value to me. I think what I need to do is to plan some goals and map my progress towards those goals, relying more on my experience and physical indicators to gauge my activity rather than the imposition of “rest week” of which I am oh so fond.

That said, it’s back to school and that means back to basics at gymnastics, a new bootcamp season Monday and Wednesday and an as yet unplanned revision to the warmup schedule. Add that to my renewed fondness for Olympic lifting, my passion for Kettlebell training and my promise that I will try to include one day of cardio / hills (translate that to running outside!) and one day of Yoga and you have 6 days already filled. Looks like I won’t have to plan that much after all!

I really want to get started on the new approach to this blog also, not having to account for each day of the 90, watching the numbers rise and stressing about what happens next. It’s not that I don’t like the framework, in fact the numbers for a long time were what kept me coming back but I think it’s time for more life to creep in and the sterility of the workouts to make room on the couch.

Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “10.90 – Rounds Are Over, 3 Years Later.”

  1. I hear ya

    There was the initial excitement of P90X.
    And then the excitement of Insanity.
    And the great feeling of accomplishment, of actually being able to complete the Insanity / P90X workouts.
    And the thrill of the hybrid – mixing them up.

    I didn’t do Asylum – but the thoughts of P90X2 kept me motivated.
    But then, P90X2 kinda bombed – it was good, but not great – and then, going back to Insanity / P90X almost feels like going backwards.

    Sure, I still do some Insanity and a little of P90X – but I am looking for the next challenge too.
    I find, that I need some motivation – some destination to strive for, or like your title of this blog is, I need ‘something to prove’ – and as of today, I’m kinda searching too.

    I like the shape that I am in now – so I do want to maintain the cardio / flexibility that I have now. I still do the Yoga – love that. Still do the occasional Insanity / P90X. After reading your stuff, I did buy some kettlebells, and I do like some of the workouts.
    I like my long distance biking, so that is my motivation, that I am going to use, to keep going. I’m planning to do a couple of long road bike journeys in the near future.

    Wish you luck on your journey – hope that you find a new destination.

  2. I still get nostalgic for that feeling of falling in love with P90X the first time, but I guess you just have to move on. At the very least I know if I ever find myself sitting on the couch wishing I hadn’t let myself slip backwards I will know EXACTLY what to do. My debt of gratitude to Beachbody is huge, it was what I needed to get me motivated to change my life and as you have now found, it’s time for that changed life to stand on it’s own.

    Good luck to you also, and may your future be as healthy and challenging as the best parts of your past.

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