Round 4 Day 25 – Rest Day or Not

Today was supposed to be a rest day but since I have rest “week” for the next 4 days I thought I would do a short run in my VFFs and see how they felt. It was a short 20 minute run but the shoes held up great, super comfortable and with none of the usual calf cramping, shin splints or back ache. It was a huge boost to the justification side of the KSO argument. The other side of the argument being why would you wear something that looks like gorilla feet or badly cut off circulation.


And by the way, don’t skimp on the warmup or stretch. Even a couple of minutes is enough. For some reason I didn’t stretch today after my run and I am now feeling the tightness through my hamstrings.

I thought I knew about this stuff…

2 thoughts on “Round 4 Day 25 – Rest Day or Not”

  1. Totally awesom man. Keep up the great work, and I just ordered my vibram five fingers.

    I’m that ex beer drinking pot gutted out of shape 27 year old who lifted some weights and also thought he knew it all too. The stomach has dissapeared, and the tire around the weist is there just waiting for p90x to melt it off. You have came along great with incredible results! Your inspiration to many!

    So how are you liking the vibrams?
    I run entirely barefoot… yeah I’m the fat stomached runner out on Texas highways getting stopped by cops asking questions in amazement LOL, but this fat guy can manage 5+ mile runs entirely barefoot.

    I am looking to the vibrams because when I reach the pain point I cant walk much less run barefoot I put on shoes to treck back home. I get numbess, and calf cramps too. So today I have my vibram bikilas coming in.

    I found your site looking up vibrams, and I also do p90x. How are you liking insanity ? I havent tried that I’m a p90x’er so to speak.


  2. Thanks for the comment! I have to say I love the Vibrams, I now have 2 pairs and am looking for a third pair of the new KSO trek. If you keep reading you will find out that I loved the Insanity workouts but was not very impressed with the followup Insanity:Asylum. I think getting started with P90X and insanity is really all you need if you add some kettlebell workouts in too. I still am a huge fan of P90X, it is what got me where I am now and even when they come out with the new version I am sure I will still be doing the original. I’m a big fan of old school weights, so it resonated with me. Keep working, keep running and enjoy your Five Fingers!

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