Diet Update – Escaping The Worst Man In History


So I have become a Paleo convert. I have done P90X for almost a year and up until now I haven’t really taken on my diet. I didn’t follow the book, I just assumed I knew better. However, knowing isn’t the key. Doing is the key.

My diet consists of fruit, vegetables, protein in any form and dairy. I am trying not to overdo the dairy part, cutting down my cheese intake and so on but apart from that, I am a caveman.

What I have found after almost 3 weeks:

  • I have lost 10lbs
  • I am not really hungry any more. Even if I haven’t eaten for a while (I no longer need to eat 6x a day at regular times according to some) I don’t seem to be getting the same craving for food as I did. This is particularly unnerving for me since I have lived my life thinking about food and pretending to be hungry. Now I just eat what’s on the paleo list whenever I want. You would be amazed (as I still am) at how long you can go on an apple.
  • I am not getting tired like I used to, no 2pm let down and getting out of bed seems a lot easier.
  • I am sleeping better. That may be because I am turning off the TV at night in the bedroom but also because I am not full of sugar.
  • I pee like a pregnant woman. Seriously I have not been drinking more, just the 3 liters (or quarts) a day but I guess the live food is mostly water anyway.

I can’t say I have lost 10lbs in 3 weeks any other time without being mostly miserable. Other than before the wedding but even then, I was losing a couple of pounds a week AT THE MOST. Mainly because I was eating plenty of rice and oatmeal but no wheat. Even when we went totally raw for a few weeks I didn’t see that kind of loss. I was so paranoid about not eating protein at that point however that I was eating waaaaay too many nuts! That didn’t last long I have to admit. This seems easy though. I like to snack, I admit it but snacking on an apple or a banana was laughable to me only a few weeks ago. Now, it’s like I found Jesus behind the couch.

I’m going to try being more positive too, I think the grains were making me angry and I am tired of being the “worst man in history”.

3 thoughts on “Diet Update – Escaping The Worst Man In History”

  1. Seems like a very healthy, sensible way too eat. What happens to your body when you indulge in something off the list…like say, a dessert at Demetres? How do you feel? do you gain lots of weigt instantly from the indulge?

  2. As long as you are eating 90% right, cheating is fine once in a while, and by that I mean once a week not once every couple of days. Everybody needs a cheat once in a while but yes, you will definitely feel the effects, good and then bad.

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