Bootcamp Bodyweight Abs With Balls

Once again the abs workout went over time, I think it is the bar work that takes so long, not necessarily the chinups because I know they all cheat and only do a couple but rather the leg raises because it’s just a long slow exercise.

This is a good class, but 2 days later I really feel the rotation work we did in my mid back. My abs are fine, but I think doing the shelf stackers with an already sore back was not the smartest thing to do. It also means that whatever I do today is going to hurt!

This week I also got some disappointing news that one of my girls is no longer going to be training with me. I know this is the peril of working with kids this age, they all move along sooner rather than later but it never softens the blow of losing an athlete that you have been really working well with. It’s going to be tough moving on without her, but all I can do is wish her the very best and hope that she remembers her training time with happy memories and the motivation to keep herself active.

Here’s the Abs with Balls workout:

10 alternating foot touch crunch
10 regular pushups
10 full situp
10 side crunch
10 pullups

10 mb foot touch crunch
10 1 arm mb pushup
10 full situp with mb
20 side crunch
10 roll ups

10 mb foot hold SB situps
10 military pushups
10 side plank hip lowers
10 foot on SB roll ins
10 pullups

20 mb foot hold side crunch
10 mb pushups
10 mb side plank hip lowers
10 sb plank 360s each way
5 roll up hold for 5

10 side plank leg raise / toe touch
10 spider each side / double spider
20 MB shelf stacker 10 per side
10 front lunge to warrior 3 / mb twist lunge
40 side rocker runners each side / plus medball hold

40 running backs each arm
10 clap pushups
10 leg cross under hip touch floor each side
20 wall sit mb side touch
10 pullups alternate hands

10 falling towers mb under butt
10 plyo pushup
30 second superman plank each
20 mb standing running back mb in and out each
10 chest pullups


10.79 – Cardio Replaced With Abs

D20 4.11.1 Abs Blast (No Cardio this week)

1x section
20 Pulse crunch
20 In and Out
20 swing kicks
20 Crunchy Frog
20 Side Crunch each side

1x section
20 standing Knee raise
20 standing leg raise
20 swing kicks
10 vsnaps
10 roll to boat

2x section
Plank hold 30s
Plank knee to elbow
Plank knee to opposite elbow
40 dog raise
40 dog raise back

x1 section – Feet on med ball
Hip raised hold 30s
20 Hip raise
10 hip raise crossed leg each
10 hip raise leg up each
10 full situp feet on blocks
20 flutter 5 position

x1 section
10 X Jacks
10 diamond jumps
10 wide knee tuck jumps
10 vsnaps
10 rollback hold to shoulder stand

x1 section
5x low jacks and pulse 4+8
10 burpee with half turn
20 knees up same elbow
20 knees up opposite elbow
40 happy dance

x1 section
10 in and out
10 crunchy frog
10 ARX bicycle (forwards and backwards)
10 full sit up
10 side crunch
20 side to side flutter (on your back) 3 position
10 russian twists
10 rollback hold to shoulder stand

R7D37 – Still Tired. Chest, Shoulders and Try, Try Again.

Chest, shoulders and tris again last night and I decided to sub some wallball shots instead of some of the more useless shoulder pieces but at several points during the workout I found myself truly struggling. I realize I am not quite recovered after the weekend, my sleep is not great because of my painful throat infection and I am still standing all day at work. At least it wasn’t as painful as last time with the weighted vest, but next time, I will try both the vest and the wallball. Anyway, enough bitching, I made it through and am making great progress through the workouts. I seem to be keeping to the P90X pieces and don’t really recall having done an Insanity workout for a while. Today is supposed to be RKC but I will most likely do some WOD work with the gym girls instead. On Monday I did 10 minutes of pullups during their break and they were probably wondering why, when they came back from their snack, that I was drenched in sweat. Any possible way of getting something done on Mondays and Wednesdays should keep me going. It looks like I am supposed to do Pure Cardio with Cardio Abs and Vertical Plyo this week so I should be able to get my fill of Shaun T by the weekend.

As for the work thing, it’s been really tough after Warrior Dash being as sore as I have been but I am still going. Not sure that it has the same allure as it did when I started but it’s still working OK. I’m finding that I get more distracted as the day wears on and so I get itchy feet, but I guess it beats falling asleep at my desk like so many of my coworkers seem to do around the 2pm mark. I think my wrists hurt less too, although I am not sure it’s the standing, but I certainly rest my hands on my keyboard more standing up than I did while I was sitting.

Something interesting before I go, check out the graphic above related to abs… it’s an interesting tidbit with your afternoon pick-me-up.