R7D37 – Still Tired. Chest, Shoulders and Try, Try Again.

Chest, shoulders and tris again last night and I decided to sub some wallball shots instead of some of the more useless shoulder pieces but at several points during the workout I found myself truly struggling. I realize I am not quite recovered after the weekend, my sleep is not great because of my painful throat infection and I am still standing all day at work. At least it wasn’t as painful as last time with the weighted vest, but next time, I will try both the vest and the wallball. Anyway, enough bitching, I made it through and am making great progress through the workouts. I seem to be keeping to the P90X pieces and don’t really recall having done an Insanity workout for a while. Today is supposed to be RKC but I will most likely do some WOD work with the gym girls instead. On Monday I did 10 minutes of pullups during their break and they were probably wondering why, when they came back from their snack, that I was drenched in sweat. Any possible way of getting something done on Mondays and Wednesdays should keep me going. It looks like I am supposed to do Pure Cardio with Cardio Abs and Vertical Plyo this week so I should be able to get my fill of Shaun T by the weekend.

As for the work thing, it’s been really tough after Warrior Dash being as sore as I have been but I am still going. Not sure that it has the same allure as it did when I started but it’s still working OK. I’m finding that I get more distracted as the day wears on and so I get itchy feet, but I guess it beats falling asleep at my desk like so many of my coworkers seem to do around the 2pm mark. I think my wrists hurt less too, although I am not sure it’s the standing, but I certainly rest my hands on my keyboard more standing up than I did while I was sitting.

Something interesting before I go, check out the graphic above related to abs… it’s an interesting tidbit with your afternoon pick-me-up.



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