Without A Net

I can’t figure out another 90 days just yet. I think I want to wait until this cut is done before moving on. My weight is refusing to budge from 233. I think I need to add a little more to my workouts, an extra 10 minutes should be enough I think. Especially if that 10 minutes is KB Swings.

Until then I will be performing without a net. Last Monday we did the first conditioning at gym for the kids followed rapidly by legs on Wednesday and a Cardio agility workout on Thursday. They were all just basic introduction workouts to get them used to the workload so this week will be a little more intense.


5 rounds
10 pushups
10 squats
5 chinups
10 burpees
10 vsnaps


4 rounds
10 double line touch
10 line to line long jumps
10 pistol each side
20 walking lunge
20 full squat
20 power crunch
10 pancake burpee


10-10-5-4 then 20-20-10-4

Air squat
Squat jump
Side Agility ladder

Front lunge
MK Switch
Pushup Burpee
Side agility ladder

Goblet squat
Burpee star jump
Front agility ladder

Sissy squats
Frog jumps
Panckae burpee
Front agility ladder

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