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tiredFor me, things are status quo. No lifting records or goals, just some kettlebells added to my regular routine and a sense of comfort and happiness with my situation in the gym. This has included an addition of the bootcamp at gymnastics which gives me a little added activity 3x a week which so far has made me very sore but determined to continue. For the record here are the workouts for this week not including the plan for tonight. The kids seem to be enjoying and completing the workouts but since its only 30 minutes that shouldn’t be a surprise. They do look a little tired after though…

Monday Bootcamp

10 regular pushups
10 military pushups
10 sphinx to plank step or drop
10 pushup side hold
10 pullups

20 shoulder crunch
20 leg up crunch
10 full situp double twist
10 side crunch
10 hanging leg raise

20 Air squats
20 step back lunge front kick
20 belt kicks
20 front lunge
10 pullups

20 shoulder touch
20 hip touch
10 spider each side
10 knee to elbow each
10 knee to opposite elbow each

20 single leg knee raise
20 super skaters
30 second chair pose
20 side lunge
10 pullups

10 pushup step out
10 clap pushup
10 plyo pushup

Wednesday Legs and abs
(Taken from Liza and Elissa return)
Sets of 10, single legs are EACH LEG

shoulder crunch
Hands down in and out
crunchy frog
hands down bicycles F and B
full situp

front lunge
pop squat
back lunge
super skater no alternate

hands up in and out
crunchy frog
hands up bicycles F and B
Russian twists

Pop squat
Sissy squats
super skater alternate
1 leg toes touch knee lift
Full squat to floor

vsnap + pushup
crunch + full situp + vsnap
Side crunch + power crunch + side crunch


laying feet on box hip lifts 10 and hold for 10
Up and down single leg up 10 each side
HIps fully extended hold with leg lift pulse 10 each side

Standing hip flexor burn

bent lift
straight lift
bent extend

following are front and side consecutive no rest.
foot on floor lift x10
foot on box lift x 10

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