Limbo – A New 90?

Heavy-Kettlebell-SwingWithout actually realizing it I just came out of another 90 days, the last day was in fact Sunday so I am currently in limbo awaiting the next 3 month journey. The fact I am still a couple of weeks away from finishing my current cut is just bad timing and the start of coaching is leading me in a direction that I am a little nervous to take. Fact is that the kids need someone to work out with them, I think they enjoy it and it motivates them to do better. For me it gives me a little extra workout 3 days a week and even though it’s late (8pm) it’s still a beneficial addition to my programming. What I should have done was start the next 90 days on Monday which was really the first day of summer training so let’s pretend I did and build a program around what I am currently doing which is a basic 5 day split of:
Chest – Bench
Back –  Deadlifts, Chinups, ring rows
Shoulders – Cleans, upright rows, press,
Legs – Squats, extensions, ham curls, weighted lunges
Arms - Curls, dips, ring dips

Abs are conspicuously absent, as are any kettlebell movements but I think adding 100 swings to every day as a finisher may take care of that. In fact, I think bringing back kettlebells into the workout should be a focus of this round, it’s a magnificent abs and core stabilizer.

As for coaching, we have new groups and a new system that I have been working on, it’s going to be a hard program to get into but in the long run I think it will give us the best shot at progressing the kids properly through their levels. I do still miss my kids from last year, I am hoping that will fade with time.

My weight up date is encouraging. I am not quite at the same weight as the picture (the one up there on the right), I think I was 230 when that was taken but I am hoping by this weekend I will be able to take a comparison shot at 230 and see where I stand. Once that is done, I will push on for another 10 lbs to get me down to 100KG or 220lbs. That is my ultimate goal and with the travelling the last few days I haven’t moved any closer but I am going to push hard for a few days and see if I can get this body to coorperate. This morning I was 234 so I am getting closer inch by inch.

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