Finally A Working Cut

parting is sweet sorrowStarted June 6 at 250, after 16 days I am down 11.2 lbs.

800 calorie deficit seems to be the right amount for me.

What has helped? Cutting dairy almost completely (that means not drinking milk for me). I still have a bit of cheese for breakfast and milk in coffee but I have stopped making my shake with 800ml of milk and instead use vanilla almond milk.

That’s 420 calories and 39 grams of carbs vs 210 calories and 4g of carbs and since this cut is based on Keto (under 25g of carbs a day) that works just fine.

Nuts, although awesome, are not a snack. If you think they are a snack you will get in trouble. They are a measurable commodity not something you should grab a handful of when you are bored.

As for my workouts, I have been going between traditional weightlifting body parts split and some bootcamps. I would like to call it intuitive training, I do what I want to in the framework of what needs doing. If it’s shoulders I can do presses and flys or I can do cleans and shrugs and kettlebells. It’s been a relaxed and fun approach for the last little while. I am going to start doing bootcamp with the gym kids for 20 min a day during the summer so that should also add a little variety. I did some light deadlifts the other day and didn’t die, so I may start adding that back in. Very light of course, nothing over 135 for now. I don’t want another back scare like last time.

I know I haven’t been documenting like I should, but it’s been a tough couple of weeks, the end of the coaching year is never a happy time for me and I have, almost predictably, crawled into my shell the closer we come to today… The last day of classes. This year especially with two girls who took difficult injuries and are now leaving has left me with a couple of tiny gymnast shaped holes in my heart. Some years I really, really hate this time of year.


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