Refeed. Or how to feel like a failure.

refeedThis weekend I encountered my first refeed while experimenting with the keto diet. I was feeling run down, exhausted actually and I thought that a replenishment of some healthy carbs would be OK. I figured my energy has been low the last couple of weeks since my cut is still in effect and I could use a cheat day / refeed. I have to say all it did was make me bloated and give me a bad case of intestinal discomfort. So it’s now Monday, I am trying to get over some poor workouts, a raging headache and stomach issues and also a slight cold that I think Nicole or Elyse gave me.

March 5 I did a KB workout at home and ever since then I have had rhomboid pain and severe numbing and pain in my right hand pinky finger. This is the same area that went numb a few years ago and never recovered. The pain has been pretty bad and although I can still do most things including pull-ups and deadlifts the pain at times is excruciating. It’s been a bit better the last week or so but it’s been a very long injury.

My “cut” has been since the start of February and I will continue until the end of march at which point I will start some strength and specific size training. I have some body parts that I really need to get into better shape, I am going to try and address the imbalance in my quads and glutes that came out of my first surgery. I am also going to try and increase my chest size, but not strength. I don’t have a big chest at all and I know my shoulders and triceps are responsible for most of my strength in my bench. So it’s time to try and address the chest thing once and for all.

The cut has been hard, I have had a tough time staying on task with some days being no deficit and with my workouts not being very hard I have been slowing my progress significantly. Hopefully I can get back on track this week and see myself getting around the 245 mark.

It’s also time to start thinking about where my workout stations are going to be this summer, if I am going to stay in the garage upstairs or try to stay out in the deck downstairs. I think I would like to stay out back this year, but that means bringing that damn horse stall mat down which weighs a ton. I can do some light barbell stuff out there up to maybe 200lbs but the heavy squats and DL will have to stay inside. At least that means I don’t have to split my weights between the garage and the basement.

I also wanted to add that my weight is uncooperative. Although my “stats” are slightly better I was back up to 252 last Saturday instead of being the 248 that I was expecting. I have also started taking Creatine again which last time ended up adding about 7lbs of water weight and although I felt bigger and stronger I also felt fatter and grosser. That’s not ideal.


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