Protein Bars (with protein powder)

protein bar totalsMakes 21 tiny bars in the epicure silicone tray I have so each one will have approximately:



130 calories
3g Carbs
12g Fat
7g Protein
2g Sodium
.6g Sugars

There may have been about a tablespoon of honey too, at the start I was afraid the mixture would be too dry, and it may still prove that they are dry to eat, in which case next time I will add heavy cream to the mix.

Don’t forget the fats are all healthy fats and the protein mostly comes from the protein powder which in this case was Diesel Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

**I was lazy and didn’t print out the recipe for those on a mobile so here you go…

1 Cup ground almonds
8 tbsp ground flax meal
Diesel Cookies and Creme protein powder (120g)
8 tbsp coconut oil
100g unsweetened shredded coconut

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