R14D18 – Up The Reps And Treadmill Guy

Tuesday, 09/30/2014 43 DL up to 185 for reps
Wednesday, 10/01/2014 44 Bench and Dips at 135 for 200 reps
Thursday, 10/02/2014 45 PC and Psnatch at 95 for 100 reps


It’s not a surprise that I am enjoying the lighter weights and higher reps. It gives a great pump, you know you are not risking injury and the workout doesn’t make your head explode. That said, I am still sidelined somewhat with my calf. It has been 2 weeks and 2 days since I did it and I didn’t make the mistake of trying to stress it after only 10 days like last time. But now I am thinking that I need a way to get back into the cardio work without risking injury. I think the secret may be in walking. Just like when I actually do go for a “run” (and yes, I am using that term very loosely) I find that unless I walk for AT LEAST 5 minutes beforehand, I get the worst shin splints. I think the same should apply for Insanity, that I should be walking at least 5 minutes first. The great news is that after about a month of waiting, the treadmill guy is finally coming tomorrow to replace the motor in the treadmill. I am not sure when exactly it went out  but I am guessing it was around Sept 1st. The great news is that the weather is starting to close in a little, and walking outside is just too much of a pain with clothes and so on. Much better to walk in my underwear on the treadmill with bare feet watching The Inbetweeners or something equally as inane. It’s not before time either, since today the WOD officially is:

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds For Time

800m run
50 Sit-ups
25 Deadlifts @ 135#/95#

Now I won’t be doing it obviously I have my 50 / 50 Power Clean and Power Snatch workout to do but if I want to get back to the published WODs I will have to get my leg back in to shape.

Yesterday, for the sake of detail was bench and close grip with dips.

Bench / Close Grip / Dips


For a total of 242 reps.

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