R14D23 – Stress Test Passed

Baby_SquatI have been taking it deliberately easy on my calf for quite some time now. As of Saturday it was 17 days since the injury and after the treadmill guy replaced the motor the treadmill was once again up for grabs. So Saturday and Sunday I decided to do some stress testing. Saturday was mostly just walking at various predictably slow speeds, and Sunday was more of a jog/walk to see if my leg held up after Saturday and to see if it would take the strain. It went OK, I didn’t have any soreness next day and the pain seems to be staying away. Next test will be an Insanity DVD but with at least 5 minutes walking on the treadmill beforehand to warm up my poor gargantuan calves.

So not much to report since I took Friday off. Yesterday I did bench and dips again looking something like this:

@135 – 5×10
@185 – 4×10
@225 – 7×7

I wanted to go up to 275 but my shoulder was a little tenser, probably from spotting last week so I let it be. That was almost 140 reps anyway so…

I have to do some low squats this week in addition to my heavy DL day and Clean with Snatch or C&P day.

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